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Share a Crunchyroll account and spend only €1.62 per month

Discover how to pay less for your subscription to the widest anime platform. Share your Crunchyroll account.

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Share a Crunchyroll account and spend only €1.62 per month
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 20 febrero 2024

Discover Crunchyroll and get it cheaper

It's true that Netflix gathers a large part of the Otaku audience, as it has a wide variety of popular anime titles and even original productions. However, there are many series and movies that belong to this group that we cannot access from this platform, instead resorting to pirate downloads as has often been the case with these types of products.

To prevent anime fans from being unable to watch their content legally and easily, a streaming platform specializing in this type of catalog called Crunchyroll was born. It serves the same function as Netflix or HBO, among other similar platforms, by making available to users all kinds of cinema related to the Japanese animated industry. It is true that everything started with an illegal business, but after several negotiations with some Japanese TV channels, it became what we know today.

Crunchyroll offers us not only a service for streaming series and movies but also provides various mangas or similar readings, as well as different news about everything surrounding this theme. It announces all kinds of updates and includes a forum for resolving doubts or searching for recommendations to provide a much more complete service.

Crunchyroll premium plan cheaper

Like all platforms, it offers various options for users to adapt to the plan they like best or find most convenient. This consists of different rates with different conditions and features so that prices vary and subscribers choose the one they are most interested in. Among them, there is also a free version that limits the content of the website where advertising is inevitable.

On the other hand, there are two other rates with an established price ranging between €4.99 and €6.49; both include a free 14-day trial and involve monthly payment since it is a version of Crunchyroll Premium. There is also an annual plan available for €64.99 which allows for a small discount as it is paid each year.

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At Sharingful, we know that the most beneficial plan for everyone is obviously the Crunchyroll premium plan, or in this case, the Mega Fan plan. Before telling you how we can get it cheaper, we want you to know what features and benefits having an account on this plan includes: The most important thing is unlimited access to content from the entire catalog, eliminating all types of advertising, the possibility of enjoying all content without being connected to the internet thanks to being able to download it, discounts in the same website's store Crunchyroll so you can buy their products for less money; quality is at its highest possible level which means Full HD; and you can play on all kinds of devices from an IOS or Android phone to an Xbox or TV. You can access games on all themes, visit news sections mentioned earlier, enjoy interviews or upcoming releases from across the anime universe.

Mega Fan Plan on Crunchyroll for only €1.62 per month

At Sharingful, we offer you the possibility to share your account with friends or family members in a safe and fast way. Having all sorts of subscriptions implies very high monthly expenses which is why we know if you could only pay a proportional part of what having an account on different streaming platforms costs you everything would be much easier. This is what we propose: We provide you with a service that acts as an intermediary between those who want to share their subscription.

By joining one of our platform families you will be able to pay only €1.62 per month for your subscription at Crunchyroll; practically getting an account on this platform almost free thanks because you can have multiple profiles while paying only for yours thus having shared access You can also choose how often you want make payments adapting them your needs always choosing options best suited yourself

crunchyroll españa catálogo

Another option we offer allows you to share your account forming family so members join subscription will pay each member €4 06 If create family three members maximum profiles four each them will pay

To do this simply register email password our platform Sharingful then choose between two previous options depending interests whenever want share Crunchyroll account others

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