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Share YouTube Premium and save on your subscription.

Learn how YouTube Premium works and how to share it with friends and family. Discover the benefits of the plans and how to save on YouTube Premium with Sharingful.

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Share YouTube Premium and save on your subscription.
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 20 febrero 2024

How to Share YouTube Premium and How Does It Work?

YouTube is a widely known platform that has been part of our lives for over two decades. During this time, YouTube Spain has given us the opportunity to enjoy our favorite influencers, play a variety of content, and share experiences with the world. In addition to being a space for video viewing, YouTube also allows us to explore the music we love, store it in our libraries, and create personalized playlists. However, there has always been one annoying obstacle: advertising.

The platform recognizes the nuisance of waiting to watch the video clip of our favorite song and proposes we take it a step further. YouTube transforms into a streaming platform, YouTube Premium, which like other established platforms, offers a premium subscription. This subscription not only removes advertising but also provides other additional benefits, such as the ability to download videos for offline viewing, download music to your mp3 player, and gives you exclusive access to YouTube Originals. These originals include movies for all ages, popular series, and live content. In addition, subscribing to YouTube Premium automatically includes access to YouTube Music, an option comparable to Spotify and Apple Music with a library of over 30 million songs. For the same price you get YouTube Music included; the advantages of YouTube Premium are clear.

This paid service seeks to establish itself among market leaders, competing with platforms such as Netflix, Spotify Premium or Disney Plus. Like these options, YouTube Premium allows having multiple profiles or accounts under one subscription, enabling content playback on various devices simultaneously. Below we detail how you can add someone to your YouTube Premium account and share your family's YouTube Premium subscription.

How to Add Members to Your YouTube Premium Family

If you want to share your YouTube Premium account with family or friends follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings page for paid subscriptions on YouTube Premium. You'll find an option called "Family sharing settings." From there you can add anyone you want to share with thus connecting your Family on YouTube account. You can also use this link https://families.google/families/ and enter the email address of the person you wish to add.

  2. The invitation you send will have an acceptance deadline which is usually 14 days long. The invited person must accept within this period in order join your shared group or Family on YouTube Premium account Once accepted that person will be able log in enjoy all content offered by Family on YouTube Premium.

Rates for YouTube Premium

Within options offered by YouTube Premium, there are different plans suit needs each user Each user may select plan best fits their budget interests Plans include:

  1. Individual Plan: at cost €11 99 per month this plan provides individual account platform

2 Plan familiar**: For €17 99 per month can share subscription up five members family same household This option ideal if wish save share expenses One great advantages connecting several users living together single account Youtube

While benefits this paid service attractive prices might seem high some users especially context where it becoming increasingly common have multiple digital entertainment subscriptions representing significant expense end month Some most popular combinations entertainment platforms include Netflix HBO Disney Plus Spotify

At Sharingful we're here help get same advantages much more affordable price We offer two options so enjoy cheaper shared account:

1 Share Your Subscription**: Create family from our platform share your subscription other five users return receive €3 monthly each member joins Thus ensuring receive payment without complications closest thing having free Family Spain

2 Join Existing Family**: If prefer join existing family use their subscription simply pay €3 monthly plus small commission €1 20 management Sharingful With option save more than half original price without giving anything up getting cheap Spain

Shared with Sharingful

Don't worry about privacy since your account totally individual linked Google profile email address Only thing sharing expense while content preferences remain personalized Moreover guarantee security data times won't have worry connect Youtube take care everything

If still doubts about works check out explanatory video If need clarify any questions hesitate contact us We're here help enjoy sharing saving subscriptions Join save plan!


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Share Account Through Sharingful

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You these people call forming exchange receive €3 each member joins shared once joined longer worry anything takes care everything need do when comes sharing another's

Another join existing paying €4 What does monthly fee include? Resulting split four since devices allows play time plus commission enjoying services offers good strangers same interests

A Platform Share Your Account

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How start others?

It's totally normal wonder process safe guarantees trick decide start Unlike websites transparent offer maximum guarantee security keep money throughout period Frequently Asked Questions here don't hesitate contact need help process

Summary 1 Register using email provide case prefer increase privacy case don't active 2 Enter information wallet

Doing receive every member joins easy begin saving shared

Steps Join Another Person's Shared Subscription

To join another person's first send request administrator once accepted simply enter email password find wallet family

Benefits Sharing Your Account

Sharing Familiar best way both service same time allowing percent similar cheap

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