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Sharing Lingo Kids allows the little ones at home to learn English in an entertaining way.

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Did you know that the subscription price for Lingo Kids is £14.99, but by sharing the Lingo Kids account, you can have it from just £3.75 per month?

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Lingo Kids

3 / 4 members

Lingo Kids
Lingo Kids

3 / 4 members

Lingo Kids
Lingo Kids

3 / 4 members

Lingo Kids

Follow these 3 steps to join a Lingo Kids family.

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Share my Lingo Kids account

To start sharing, you will need to create an account on LingoKids, or use your own and enter the information so that other members can begin to enjoy the platform.

You will only need to enter the email address and password for your LingoKids account.


  1. Register on LingoKids with your email if you do not have an active account.
  2. Select the Premium plan and enter your LingoKids credentials into the Sharingful wallet.
  3. We recommend that each member uses a different profile within LingoKids.
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Share Lingo Kids

Learn how to share your Lingo Kids account on Sharingful and make the most of your subscriptions.

If you have a Lingo Kids account and wish to maximize its value while saving money, you're in the right place. With Sharingful, a subscription sharing platform, you can benefit economically and create enriching connections with other users. 

What is LingoKids and why share it on Sharingful?

Lingo Kids is an online educational platform designed for children that provides a fun and effective approach to learning English. With a wide variety of interactive activities, games, and educational content, Lingo Kids has gained popularity as an effective tool for early childhood English language learning. Now, thanks to Sharingful, you can share your Lingo Kids account and take advantage of the economic benefits it offers.

Exploring the benefits of Lingo Kids:

Sharing your Lingo Kids account on Sharingful not only allows you to save money but also gives other children the opportunity to access this valuable learning platform. Lingo Kids is based on a solid pedagogical approach backed by experts in early childhood education, ensuring quality learning for the little ones. By sharing your account, you are not only optimizing the value of your subscription but also contributing to the educational development of other children.

Benefits of using Sharingful for sharing subscriptions:
Sharing your Lingo Kids account on Sharingful has numerous benefits. 

Firstly, it allows you to save money by sharing subscription costs with other users. This can be especially useful if you have multiple accounts in your household or if your children have outgrown certain learning stages and you want to make the most of your subscription without wasting resources.

In addition to economic savings, Sharingful encourages the creation of a community of users with similar interests. By sharing your Lingo Kids account, you can connect with other parents and children who value online education and language learning. 

How Sharingful works:

Sharingful is an intuitive platform that makes it easy to exchange subscriptions. To share your Lingo Kids account, simply create a profile on Sharingful and provide details about your Lingo Kids subscription, such as the number of allowed users and account features. Interested users will be able to access your account through Sharingful and enjoy learning on Lingo Kids without having to pay for the full subscription.

The transparency and trust are fundamental at Sharingful. Before sharing your account, you can view reviews and ratings from other users to ensure that you are sharing with reliable people. Additionally, Sharingful has security measures and data protection protocols in place to ensure the privacy and security of your account.

Sharing your Lingo Kids account on Sharingful is an excellent way to make the most of your subscriptions while saving money. You'll not only be optimizing the value of your account but also contributing to other children's education by providing them access to a quality learning platform. Take advantage of both economic and social benefits from Sharingful and enjoy the online learning experience at Lingo Kids in a more accessible way. Start sharing your Lingo Kids account today and discover the advantages of sharing subscriptions with Sharingful!

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Learn English with Lingokids for less money.

Lingokids: the app for kids to learn English while having fun

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