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05 feb

YouTube Curiosities and Benefits of YouTube Premium

The world's most famous video and music streaming platform. Benefits of its Premium version and how to get it at an almost giveaway price.

YouTube Curiosities and Benefits of YouTube Premium
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

Curiosities of YouTube since its inception

Since 2005, we have had access to a website where we can watch and share videos, movies, video blogs, TV shows, and listen to music, among other features that have created a before and after in the digital world.

From the United States came YouTube to revolutionize the audiovisual world, as this website or social network allows us users to publish videos that others can enjoy or consume content from other people at any time and under an internet connection. The good thing about this is that it is not only used personally but also professionally, as it allows monetization as well as creating traffic and positioning to become known on the web.

Benefits of using YouTube and YouTube Premium

On a free and general level, we can list all the benefits that this platform or website has provided to all users from its beginnings until today. Professionally there are many brands that use YouTube for video marketing and to create engagement or provoke greater brand awareness through the creation of audiovisual content that the consumer user can have at their fingertips. On a personal level, over the years different personalities have emerged who have created a business by recording themselves with a camera and sharing information with the user, creating interaction through likes and comments.

YouTube is also a platform where you can consume all kinds of movies, music, and other digital content that we can find on streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, HBO Max, and others typical.

Being a free service has certain disadvantages such as advertising that interrupts playback, limited content availability, need for an internet connection or qualities susceptible to improvement. YouTube has taken into account those users who do not want to do without the best services might be willing to pay a monthly fee to improve these conditions in addition to increased competition which led this website to apply its own rates creating many advantages for these users by eliminating all those annoyances we've discussed.

For a price of **€

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