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This is the website to discover the best concerts and festivals.

We tell you everything you need to know about this website where you can find all the concerts and festivals in Spain, among many other things.

This is the website to discover the best concerts and festivals.
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

Searching for information nowadays is increasingly confusing; the Internet is overloaded and often makes it difficult to find information about when your favorite artist will perform, which exhibition will be in your city this week, or which festival you can't miss. Although there is a lot of information available, it's not always easy to filter through it, so today we want to tell you about a very useful site so that you can continue to cultivate yourself.

Wake and Listen is a cultural space where you can find all the concerts and festivals in Spain. But that's not all! It's a good guide for organizing your cultural plans, from exhibitions to theater plays.

It's a well-constructed website; on its main page, you can see the most prominent news on various topics like music, cinema, or festivals.

wake and listen web noticias

It has a news section where they talk about curiosities regarding songs, where we have found much help with the vocabulary Rosalía uses in her music. Thanks to the subsection on album news, we can inform you that Arctic Monkeys are releasing a new one in October. In the news related to videos, you can find a variety of new singles from artists whose music videos you probably haven't seen yet but have heard the song they correspond to. This section also includes interviews, among which we can find Bum Motion Club, Venturi or Mediapunta. Additionally, there's a subsection of WTF news that will always manage to make you smile on a bad day; if you haven't read what "vegan blood sausage" is yet, click here, it won't disappoint.

In the Concerts section, you'll see Spain's best concerts sorted by artists so that you can see upcoming performances around the country by your favorite international singer or band. But if you're looking for a specific tour by a Spanish artist, it will be available after this information – could there be a better musical calendar? They are already uploading upcoming concerts for 2023; there is already a wide variety of dates available, among which we can find from Rammstein to Justin Bieber. It's important to note that when you find what interests you, there's direct access to tickets from their website so that you can get them as quickly as possible. They also include chronicles of epic moments at concerts, providing necessary information about them in case you couldn't attend one.

In their Festivals section, you'll find national and international information; they give you the dates and prices of the top festivals at the moment and provide direct access so that you can start looking for accommodation and not miss any festival. You can start getting ready for Primavera Sound 2023; next year, reserve the first fortnight of June because it will be in Barcelona followed by its first edition in Madrid.

wake and listen festivales

In their cultural section, you'll find premieres and reviews about Spanish cinema. But also information on current series and upcoming releases of international content. They give dates for marking your calendar with upcoming shows – haven't heard yet that Cirque du Soleil brings Corteo to Madrid and Seville? They include a subsection of stories, where they share curiosities and reflections on topics ranging from mobile phones at concerts to how Hollywood was created.

If you're still not familiar with this website, then you're missing out too much – don't stop informing yourself about the latest cultural developments on their website Wake and Listen.

Also, we encourage following them on social media so that don’t miss out on anything. Follow them at:

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