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05 feb

Beware of this new scam targeting Netflix

The new scam that targeted your phone that you need to be wary of, they use the name of Netflix to make you fall into the trap.

Beware of this new scam targeting Netflix
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

The New Scam Using the Name of Netflix

In the world of the internet, social media, and technology in general, there have been all kinds of advancements that have greatly benefited users. However, these advancements have also made it easier to create scams and to find victims for them. Nowadays, it's not very difficult to fall for them since we generally give our data to many platforms, websites or applications and this is something we have normalized, although we should manage it with a bit more responsibility and inform ourselves about all the conditions that involve giving out any personal information.

Scammers look for easy ways to reach their victims through all this data we provide on the internet. In most cases, our privacy and security are assured, but this is not 100% of cases, so one must be careful with the information that comes depending on which medium.

In this case, it involves an attempt to obtain people's banking details, and as an excuse to access this information, they are using the charge of the Netflix platform fee, which is generally done automatically. Therefore, some subscribers are starting to receive notifications via SMS under the name of Netflix, stating that subscription payment could not be completed thus inciting the recipient of that message to provide their details again through a link to solve the supposed problem.

netflix data theft scam

In the message, as we've mentioned before, an update of information is requested from the recipient and a link is shared through which this data theft occurs. This gives access to scammers into one's Netflix account linked with those details including passwords, debit or credit card numbers, and bank account information. This can pose a serious problem because at first glance one might not recognize the deception as it seems like a fairly common situation.

How Can We Avoid These Situations?

The most important thing one should do in these cases is simply doubt any kind of messages, emails or calls that may come from strange or external addresses or numbers different from the real name of the company contacting us. If you receive such a message and have doubts about its authenticity always opt for contacting directly with the company through some official customer service number and in case you confirm it's a scam talk with police, without interacting with that message you would have received.

Given that not just any company can be used for such illegal activity at Sharingful we also encourage you to contact us through our chat or our official email ([email protected]) if you encounter any similar cases discussed here or if you believe someone might be using our name for something similar.

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