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05 feb

'LLYLM' The new little rumba by Rosalía, could it be the key to your new album?

The Catalan author of 'Despechá' has released her latest song, mixing flamenco and electronic music.

'LLYLM' The new little rumba by Rosalía, could it be the key to your new album?
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 20 febrero 2024

Rosalía; New Single from the Singer

The queen of genre fusion has nailed it again with her new single ‘LLYLM’ The meaning of these initials “Lie like you love me” combined with handclaps, brings out the blend of flamenco and electronic music that Rosalía has committed to, creating a unique and unmatched style that is generating a lot of buzz.

After the preview published by Rosalía herself on her social media last January 5th, this new song has arrived where Spanish and English languages intertwine, presenting her new Spanglish rumbita. Starting in Spanish and with its chorus in English, it showcases part of the art and culture of our country on a global scale, positioning her at the top spot of the most listened to Spanish artists on Spotify in 2022, undoubtedly deservedly so.

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Apple Music - https://rosalia.lnk.to/LLYLM/applemusic

Deezer - https://rosalia.lnk.to/LLYLM/deezer

Spotify - https://rosalia.lnk.to/LLYLM/spotify

Tidal - https://rosalia.lnk.to/LLYLM/tidal

YouTube Music - https://rosalia.lnk.to/LLYLM/youtubem…

When is Rosalía's next album coming out?

Rosalía ended 2022 very strongly and begins 2023 just as powerfully. Although there isn't a specific release date for her next album yet, this new single indicates that despite having a world tour planned for this year and after the success of her last album “Motomami” and its version “Motomami+”, which includes “Despechá”, she will soon surprise us with a new album – we're sure of it.

Who is Rosalía?

The Catalan singer-songwriter has built a great persona around her talent both for her magnificent voice as well as for her stage presence and compositions. The artist began her musical career at a very young age; at just 15 years old she was rejected from a talent show like "Tú si que vales," after which she did not give up but affirmed she would keep trying and go far.

Hard work and effort culminated in the release of her first album “Los Ángeles” followed by “El Mal Querer,” with its very personal flamenco style that has characterized her from day one. This conceptual album, with 12 tracks such as Malamente or “Pienso en Tu Mirá,” propelled Rosalía to the top in 2018.

Today, in 2023, Rosalía has collaborated with some of the most important artists, mingled with celebrities, worked with other artists like The Weekend, Ozuna, J Balvin, C Tangana, among others, toured around the world to present all her albums and has been nominated for more than 60 awards, winning 25 of them including 2 Latin Grammys. Her style has been a benchmark for today's youth and continues to set trends with her clothing and personality.

Now, her latest creation 'LLYLM', will be the start of a year full of successes. And that's what we wish for this Catalan artist. We leave you with the beginning of this new hit:

"And today is carnival, I'm from here, And you're from there, I'll say it in English And you'll understand…"

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We await you!

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