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Share Nintendo Switch Online Family Plan

You will surely be interested in sharing your Nintendo Switch Online account and saving up to 80% on the subscription cost.

How it's shared?

Unirse al plan mediante invitación

By invitation

Maximum users

cuántas personas se puede compartir Nintendo Switch Online

Up to 8 people

Share Nintendo Switch Online Family Plan
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

Are you an avid Nintendo Switch player? Then, you'll surely be interested in sharing your Nintendo Switch Online account with friends and family. But, what is Nintendo Switch Online? How much does it cost? And most importantly, how do you share a family subscription? Discover everything you need to know to use the Nintendo Switch Online family plan and save.

What is Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription service that offers a wide variety of features to Nintendo Switch users. Among these features are:

  • Playing online with friends or people from around the world.
  • Access to a library of classic Nintendo games, which is updated periodically.
  • Cloud storage to save your game progress.

Additionally, Nintendo Switch Online allows you to create and join chat rooms to talk with other players.

The subscription to Nintendo Switch Online also includes exclusive offers for members, such as discounts on games and additional content for existing games. Furthermore, members of Nintendo Switch Online can enjoy exclusive games that are not available for non-members.

If you're a fan of classic Nintendo games, then Nintendo Switch Online is a must-have. With access to a library of classic Nintendo titles, you can relive your favorite childhood games and share them with friends and family. Classic games include titles like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong.

Moreover, if you're a competitive player, then Nintendo Switch Online is perfect for you. With the ability to play online with friends or people from all over the world, you can test your skills against some of the best players globally. Plus, with the online chat feature, you can talk with other players and make new friends in the process.

What makes Nintendo Switch Online an essential subscription is its wide variety of functions available to users. From classic games to the ability to play online with friends and people from all over the world, it's necessary for any owner of the console.

How much does Nintendo Switch Online cost?

Nintendo offers various subscription options for Nintendo Switch Online:

  1. Individual Plan: This plan costs €19.99 per year.
  2. Family Plan: This plan costs €34.99 per year and allows sharing the subscription with up to eight different accounts.

In addition to these subscription options, Nintendo Switch Online offers many benefits for players. With it, gamers can enjoy playing online with friends and other players worldwide. They can also access an ever-growing library of classic NES and SNES games as well as exclusive titles like Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35.

But that's not all that comes with a subscription to this service; subscribers can also save their game data in cloud storage so they can access their saved progress on any console they sign into; they have access through mobile apps on certain titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons; plus they get exclusive deals on downloadable content which means savings on some popular titles too!

Sharing Family Subscription

The Family Plan for this service makes it cheaper than ever before because by splitting costs between up eight people - everyone saves more than 80% off regular prices! Not only does this mean big savings but also playing together whether they're someone familiar or brand new while enjoying lots unique gaming experiences too!

The family membership allows up eight individual accounts join under one common umbrella where each person maintains their profile stats friend list yet still falls under one collective payment made by whoever purchased originally (the admin).

Share Family Subscription

But how do join someone else’s group? Here's what needs doing if want get involved:

How To Join Someone Else’s Plan

1) Get an invite first - owner will need send out invites from their end which should arrive via email linked account being used. 2) Sign into desired profile – log onto whichever user wants add themselves into mix. 3) Accept said invite – once received simply confirm acceptance now part overall package!

Following these steps means full enjoyment benefits come along being part bigger collective group effort!

How To Share Your Own Membership

Sharing out personal Family Membership couldn't easier either; once active just register others within settings area itself:

1) Log onto own user first step. 2) Hit 'Account Settings' found under profile icon top right corner screen. 3) Choose 'Subscription' followed by 'Family Membership' next menu page appears after previous selection made. 4) Click 'Add Family Member' continue process further still. 5) Enter details person wanting include here only needing email associated them specifically nothing else required beyond point really! 6) Send off invitation wait response back confirming everything set go ahead okayed other side things too!

Once accepted everyone involved gets chance take advantage same great offerings had before but even better because now shared amongst larger number individuals overall meaning more fun less cost everyone involved win-win situation sure enough!

So sharing out own account only way really maximize potential savings whilst still getting most out gaming sessions others alike! Follow correct procedures shouldn't any issues whatsoever either joining existing setup creating brand new one scratch either way works fine end day regardless path taken get there ultimately matters most long run anyway right?

If decide go route using our platform Sharingful rest assured finding others split costs won't issue guarantee maximum return investment every single time without fail guaranteed promise keep always no matter what happens moving forward future endeavors alike too remember check post Instagram further details explained visually there help understand even better overall concept behind idea itself lastly thanks choosing us help journey along way appreciate support given thus far hope continue same trend moving forward future endeavors alike end note thank once again choosing us today goodbye now take care until next time see again soon bye now!

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