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Sharingful helps you to share the cost of your favorite subscriptions and save up to 70% of the price.

Did you know that the subscription price for HBO Max is $9.99, but by sharing the HBO Max account, you can have it from just $3.33 per month?

Sharing a HBO Max account is very easy.

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3 / 4 members


3 / 4 members


Follow these 3 steps to join a HBO Max family.

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To start sharing, you will only need to create an account on HBO, or use an existing account and enter the details so that other family members can enjoy HBO.

You will only need to enter the email and password for the HBO account.


  1. Register on HBO with your email if you do not have an active account.
  2. Enter the HBO credentials into the Sharingful wallet.
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Share your HBO Max account

Sharing Your HBO Max Account on Sharingful: A Smart Way to Save and Enjoy to the Fullest

Discover the most efficient way to share your HBO Max subscription with Sharingful. Our platform offers a quick and simple solution to manage your subscription and allow your friends to join your plan without any hassle. By joining Sharingful, you will not only expand your entertainment experience but also become part of a community where people enjoy quality content together. Make the most of your HBO Max subscription by bringing people together and maximizing your investment, all from one place. Discover how Sharingful can make your HBO Max account even more valuable and accessible for everyone.

In the world of streaming, HBO Max has become one of the most popular platforms for enjoying high-quality content. However, the question arises: are there ways to get a free HBO Max account or at least reduce the monthly amount? This is where Sharingful comes in as an innovative solution that allows you to share your HBO Max subscription, saving money and giving the feeling of having a free account. In this article, we will explore the benefits of sharing your HBO Max account on Sharingful and why it can be an attractive option for those who want to enjoy HBO Max without incurring additional costs.

How can I effectively share my HBO Max account?

Discover the ideal option for enjoying the best series and movies on HBO Max without paying the full price of a subscription—share an account! With Sharingful, sharing your HBO Max account is easy, fast, and completely secure.

But why limit yourself to sharing accounts only with close friends and family? With Sharingful, you can also connect with users from around the world who want to share their HBO Max accounts. Imagine finding someone with whom you can share a subscription—whether yours or someone else's—in just moments!

In addition to reducing the price of the subscription by up to 70% when sharing your HBO Max account through Sharingful, it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy more platforms for the same price you would pay if you were covering all costs of an HBO Max subscription alone. By sharing an HBO Max account on Sharingful, you get access to a subscription for just €3 per month instead of €8.99 which is what a standard subscription costs.

Discover how Sharingful can make enjoying the full experience of HBO Max much more affordable.

The Variety of Content on HBO Max

In addition to being an economical option for entertainment lovers, HBO Max also offers a wide variety of content that can satisfy any type of viewer. From dramas to comedies, documentaries and action films—HBO has something for everyone.

One of the main advantages of HBO is its exclusive content. With series like "Game Of Thrones", "Westworld", and "The Sopranos", it has proven itself as a leader in producing high-quality content.

How Can I Save Money by Sharing My Account?

The Feeling Of Free:

You'll feel like your account is free when using Sharingful because our reduced prices give you that impression—we're practically giving away subscriptions!
Sharingful is a revolutionary platform that allows users to share their streaming service subscriptions including those from providers such as Netflix or Hulu Plus among others which means not only do they save money but also get access at no extra charge whatsoever!


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