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13 may

Save by sharing your Spotify subscription for only €3.00 per month

Who hasn't listened to music from the free subscription offered by the Spotify platform at least once? We certainly have, but the free version of Spotify has its limitations. However, there is a solution: the possibility of sharing your Spotify Family account to save money and enhance your musical experience. Find out how to do it thanks to Sharingful.

Save by sharing your Spotify subscription for only €3.00 per month
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

If you want to listen to the latest hits, create playlists with your favorite songs, gift songs, stay up-to-date with the best podcasts, or discover new bands, Spotify is your solution.

Who hasn't listened to music from the free subscription offered by the Spotify platform? We have, and we're sure you have too. And it's not a bad plan, although the free version of the account is one of the most used, at a user level it is not the most suitable as it involves ad consumption, which is a great nuisance when you're listening to your favorite songs, not to mention that you also face random playback, which can be frustrating. But did you know that you also have the possibility to share your Spotify account with your friends and save at the same time? Discover how to have shared Spotify thanks to Sharingful.

In this article we will show you how to share your Spotify subscription, differentiate between sharing Spotify Premium and the price of Spotify Family. If you're wondering how to do it, if you can listen to your music on more than one device at once, start reading!

Free version vs. paid versions of Spotify

Let's start by talking about the differences between the free version and the paid versions of Spotify. This platform is one of the most used for listening to our favorite songs, but its free version displays too much advertising and has other limitations such as not being able to skip songs, listen to on-demand music or random playback, which can be very annoying. So what's the price of Spotify?

To remove these restrictions, you can opt for Spotify's paid subscriptions. Among the available options are:

  • The most popular one is Premium on Spotify, but how much does Spotify Premium cost? You can hire it for €10.99 per month. In this case, it's an individual account. Platform.
  • With Spotify Family, for €17.99 per month, you can have up to 6 Spotify Premium accounts. If you live in a shared flat or are part of a large family, this Spotify Family option is for you.

Even though these are affordable prices, it's increasingly common to have multiple subscriptions to enhance our entertainment moments. Some of the most popular combinations are Netflix and HBO, or Disney Plus and Spotify, they are becoming more and more common in many of our homes. However, this increase in time dedicated to leisure and fun also translates into higher expenses, which can make an impact on our accounts at the end of the month. By using Sharingful, you will discover a new way to save money with Spotify Family subscription. Discover how to optimize your subscriptions to get more benefits by sharing Spotify Premium and this is where Sharingful comes into play to make everything easier.

The big question, can a Spotify Family subscription be shared?

Before talking about the savings that sharing a Spotify Premium or Spotify Family account can generate, we confirm that yes you can share a Spotify subscription with other people. The best way to share the Spotify subscription is to share it among six people, this is the best way since Spotify Family allows content playback on six devices at once, so the limit of allowed accounts will never be exceeded. Once you have decided to share a Spotify Family account, you won't have to do anything, just log in with your Spotify user account and your profile and your personalized content will remain intact in your subscription. The only thing that will change will be your monthly expense, as the price of Spotify By the end of the month, it will be cheaper for you and the users who share the account with you. You will be saving by sharing your Spotify Family account.

Sharingful: A platform to share your Spotify Family subscriptions

Trust, privacy, transparency, and closeness are our four main values. We live in an increasingly digital society with a multitude of services and online subscriptions. Our leisure time has been influenced by the arrival of new entertainment platforms. What better plan can there be than to share your digital subscriptions with other users and enjoy to the fullest while saving, save up to 85% on Spotify's price!

How to start sharing your Spotify Family subscription with other users

It's totally normal to wonder if the process is safe, if there are guarantees or if there's a catch when you decide to share and save when you start sharing Spotify. Unlike other websites, we are completely transparent and offer maximum guarantee and security, as we keep the money throughout the entire period of time (the so-called monthly payments).

If you have any questions during the process of sharing your Spotify Family account or if you are not clear about the price of Spotify Premium, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to clarify all your doubts and accompany you during the process of sharing your Spotify Family account.

To really start saving:

  • You can form a family by sharing your Spotify Family subscription with other users and thus decrease the price of your Spotify account, and in return receive 3.00 € for each member who joins it. In the following video, we explain its operation better.

Or you can join an already active family and pay €4.20. What does this Spotify Family price include? The cost of the Spotify Family subscription is €3.00 and a fee of €1.20 from Sharingful to enjoy all the advantages that this mode offers. We recommend watching this video that summarizes it very well and allows you an understanding of this option if it is the one you decide to choose.

If you're not convinced that Spotify is your ideal shared music platform due to the issue of verifying your identity, don't worry, we have other options for you. You can share your Youtube Premium or Amazon Music account, both available within our subscription sharing platform.

What should you keep in mind to share and save by sharing Spotify?

If you prefer the option of forming a family and sharing your Spotify Family account, it's important to know that you should select the maximum number of members allowed and, in its wallet, include your address as their email. If you prefer to join a shared Spotify account, you must send a request and once accepted, you will receive a link to join within the Spotify Family subscription.

Improve your musical experience, save money by sharing Spotify and don't miss the best Spotify podcasts.

Discover Spotify prices, how to share Spotify Premium and the price of Spotify Premium on Sharingful. Join our community and enjoy music like never before while saving money!

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