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13 may

Crunchyroll at a better price with Sharingful

Crunchyroll, we tell you how to get the premium plan of the anime series and movies platform at a lower price thanks to Sharingful.

Crunchyroll at a better price with Sharingful
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

The world of streaming platforms is constantly growing and there are many of them that we may not have heard of. All of these are dedicated to providing different types of content, in the case of those we already know like Netflix, their programming is much more varied than some others. However, there are streaming services more dedicated to a specific viewer profile, such as Crunchyroll.

Do you know Crunchyroll?

This platform focuses on anime series and movies, a whole universe full of fantasy, action, love, horror, adventure, imagination and Japanese culture that captivates its followers. This genre occupies a large space in the cinematic world, also thanks to its different audiences, since there is content for all ages.

crunchyroll españa anime

As we want you to not miss out on anything, out of the different rates that exist for the Crunchyroll subscription, the one we offer on our platform is the premium plan. Since this offers many more benefits to your account and you will have all the advantages that This translates to:

This encompasses having the highest level subscription in this digital service.

The Crunchyroll premium plan gives you unlimited access to its catalogue content, without any advertising, new episodes just an hour after Japan, hundreds of manga chapters from different titles, the ability to view all this without needing a connection and even enjoy exclusive discounts in the Crunchyroll store for an annual payment. Up to 4 devices can be played simultaneously and with a quality of up to 1080p, i.e., Full HD and best of all, on any type of device, whether IOS, Android, Apple TV and even Xbox among others. Basically, this plan implies having all the possible advantages for having a paid subscription account.

The application has a great classification of titles dividing them into genres, seasons and even alphabetically and by release order, i.e., most recent updates, for example, as well as the classification of simulcasts and recommended or most popular series and movies on the platform. This helps you organize and find everything you're looking for.

<img src="https://blog.sharingful.com/uploads/crunchyrollcontenido57453b9740.webp" alt="crunchyroll españa catálogo" style=" display: block; This website, in addition to the largest catalog of anime series and movies, also contains various games of all themes, an online store where you can buy all kinds of items related to the titles they offer from t-shirts or accessories, dolls and Funkos, mugs or limited edition Blu-Rays. Not only this, but it also includes a news section where you can learn about all the latest developments in this vast Japanese universe, along with interviews, upcoming releases on the platform and in the industry, among many other things that, if you are a fan, you will love to know and stay up-to-date on.

In order for you to assess the price difference that we are going to present to you below, you should bear in mind that this plan has an original cost of 64.99€ per year for the user, but at Sharingful we want to provide you with a much more affordable option by allowing you to share your account with other users. This implies that as a user, you will only pay what it means to have personal and individual use of this platform. We explain what this price reduction consists of:

The price of Sharingful

As with all subscriptions on our platforms we provide several options. so you can choose the one that best suits you, including the type of payment and when you want to make it. There are two options:

1. Form a family: This involves sharing your subscription with other users, who will pay you for access. From each member who joins your family, you will receive a quarterly payment of €4.06, this is every three months because the subscription on the platform will be annual and we want you, as head of the family, to receive your money every three months and not once a year.

2. Join a family: As a member of a family, payments will be quarterly, in the same way as in the previous option, but in this case, the payment will be €5.58, where we include a small commission for Sharingful, for managing all of this to be possible.

Enjoy your premium account at these prices, much more affordable and flexible, so that your only concern is which series you are going to start first…

You should know that payments can be adapted to what you need, that is, within the four options (monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually) the one you decide to use will be the one applied to you. To learn more visit our website and also discover other digital services that may interest you.

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