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Free movies and series: how to get Disney+ without paying

Discover some ways to access this streaming service virtually for free or with incredible discounts.

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Free movies and series: how to get Disney+ without paying
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 20 febrero 2024

You're surely going to love enjoying Disney+ without having to pay. In this article, we'll explain some ways to access this streaming service for very little money or with incredible discounts. So get ready to have Disney+ without it affecting your wallet.

Discount: Annual Subscription

One of the simplest ways to get Disney+ without overpaying is through an annual subscription. This option allows you to enjoy all the content for an entire year, and the best part is that it usually comes with an attractive discount. Plus, by paying upfront, you won't have to worry about monthly fees. It's a great option for Disney lovers!

By paying with the annual plan, you can have a Disney Plus subscription for only €89.90 per year, which would be equivalent to €7.49 per month.

Sharing a Disney+ subscription with Sharingful

If you have friends or family who also want to enjoy Disney+, you can take advantage of the option to share your Disney Plus subscription through Sharingful. By using us, you'll split the cost of the subscription equally and thus save a lot of money.

New ways to get Disney Plus for very little money

By sharing a Disney Plus subscription, you can have Disney+ for €2.25 per month or €3.15 if you decide to join another person's subscription.

Free Disney+ included with operators like Movistar and Vodafone

If you are a Movistar or Vodafone customer, you're in luck. These operators offer the possibility of accessing Disney+ for free as part of their service packages. Simply check the current promotions and take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Enjoying Disney+ without having to pay anything extra sounds great, right? Be sure to check the terms and conditions to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements to access this offer.

In addition to Movistar and Vodafone, other operators are also offering this exclusive promotion for their customers. For example, Orange has launched a special offer that includes free Disney+ for several months for those who sign up for their fiber optic service.

Moreover, since your operator gives you the subscription, you can share it on Sharingful and thus save even more on your phone bill. It's a great idea so that your bill doesn't affect your pocket as much.

Other options: Xbox Game Pass

If you're passionate about video games, then Xbox Game Pass might be perfect for you. This Microsoft service not only includes a wide catalog of games for Xbox but also offers access to a selection of movies and series from Disney+

By subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can enjoy both your favorite video games and the incredible creations from Disney on one platform—an attractive proposition for those looking for new forms of entertainment.

Did you know that Xbox Game Pass has over 100 games available to play on your Xbox console? From exciting action adventures to challenging strategy games, there's something for everyone's taste. Additionally, the catalog is constantly updated so that there will always be something new and exciting to discover.

Free annual subscription when traveling to Disneyland with Hotel + Tickets or Hotel Disney Package

If you dream of traveling to Disneyland while enjoying free access to Disney+ all year round then this option is perfect for you. When booking a hotel package with tickets or at a Hotel in Disneyland Resort Paris ,you will receive as gift an annual subscription od disney + without having tp pay anything extra .

This is an excellent opportunity fo those planning tp visit magical world os disney while enjoying best movies abd series from comfort their home .

So , its not necessary spend fortune enjoy disney + except if go disneyland hotel disney . Whether through discounts on annul subscriptions , sharing subscriptions friends taking advantage promotions operators , there different options acces streaming services without paying too much .

Make most these alternatives able enjoy disney affect wallet .

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