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05 feb

House of the Dragon: the new trend on HBO Max

House of the Dragon will enchant you if you're a fan of Game of Thrones... We'll give you a summary of the first chapters so you can get hooked if you haven't already.

House of the Dragon: the new trend on HBO Max
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 02 mayo 2024

The prequel to HBO's great success, Game of Thrones, has arrived with a bang, leaving all fans eagerly awaiting new episodes each week. It has been the most-watched premiere on the platform in Spain, and for many reasons. This new series has generated a lot of interest and that's why we want you to have all the possible information, in case you haven't decided whether to watch it or not. We're sure we'll convince you.

How did this story begin?

Some episodes of House of the Dragon have already been released and so far we know that this house is that of Targaryen, where the craving everyone has for the Iron Throne is known; this time the story takes place 172 years earlier.

In this first installment, we can see how King Viserys struggles with his task of finding an heir to the throne, having only two options to choose from due to his lack of offspring. These are his daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, or his brother Daemon. Both face rejection from the council for different reasons. The entire episode unfolds between the tragedy of losing a king's heir and the tough choice between a woman or a violent man to take over the throne.

If you're still reading it's because you didn't dislike the idea at all, so relax, we continue with a summary of the next episode; however, to learn more you'll have to watch the series.

As we were saying, in the second episode released on the platform, the plot unfolds as follows: everything starts again with the council's dispute over naming one of two candidates as heir. Having decided to bet on the firstborn daughter, they want to stop Daemon due to his rebelliousness without letting Rhaenyra intervene. In all this, there is still hope for obtaining a male heir descended from the king; thus they seek a wife for him with this purpose. This last plot occupies most of this episode. But to know more you will have to watch it since we don't want to give away any more spoilers.

So far, all we can do is keep waiting for new episodes every week, from Sunday night into Monday morning, and if after this introduction you want to watch them, subscribe to HBO Max with Sharingful so it costs you less than half price by sharing your subscription. Sounds great… right? Visit our website for much more information.

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