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Top 10 Horror Movies for This Halloween

We have made a list of the best movies for you to enjoy with your friends on the next Halloween night. Have you seen them?

Top 10 Horror Movies for This Halloween
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

The awesome plan we propose for this October 31st is a horror movie marathon. For this, we have selected 10 of the best according to popular opinion so that you have them ready and organized when the time comes. So prepare some popcorn, some sweets, and a terrifying dinner to start the movie session with us.

The best movies for this October 31st

1. Coraline. This young girl tells her story of how she discovers a secret door in her house, through which she finds a different version of her life, a life parallel to her own. Everything seems better, but when it begins to take on a darker and more dangerous tone, Coraline must return home seeking help from anyone who can give it to her in order to save her loved ones and return to her reality.

2. Edward Scissorhands. This creation of an inventor who had to leave his work unfinished consists of a boy with blades instead of fingers on his hands as a result of not being completed. He finds love in the town after many years of living hidden, but he is very rejected by the townspeople for his appearance; they consider him dangerous.

3. It. We are located in the state of Maine, where some children live with their everyday problems until several murders occur in the area. The kids decide to search for the killer and will discover a being dressed as a clown that feeds on fear, responsible for all these deaths.

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This murky story begins on the road; a group of young people pick up a hitchhiker who turns out to have very peculiar behavior. At one point, he injures himself with a knife and one of the car's passengers, so they decide to leave him back on the road again, but he marks their van with a cross made from his blood. Upon arriving at a local farm, they will encounter a man who will cause many attacks where death is the outcome.

5. Scary Movie. After the murder of a young girl in her home garden, her high school peers are haunted by the nightmare that one of them is the serial killer who killed Drew Becker. A journalist hears about this situation and will do everything possible to uncover the truth about it all. Who will be the killer among them?

6. The Conjuring (Expediente Warren). Everything unfolds based on testimony from a family in Rhode Island during the 70s claiming to have contacted evil spirits in their own home; these encounters are studied by two curious paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who will tie ends together making discoveries about these apparitions' origins pointing towards an existence of child's spirit and music box that seems long-standing within house.

**7.Hush . ** After becoming deaf due an accident Maddie decides move away society now lives middle nowhere which makes difficult request help when night masked psychopath enters through window She must survive fight life .

**8.Scream . ** California serial murderer stalking victims Young woman finds herself alone night while preparing watch horror film phone rings other side line begins threaten murderer terrorizing neighborhood while poses girl game cannot lose otherwise result death people care about .

**9.The Shining . ** Based Stephen King novel story man named Jack married son offered job hotel spend entire winter family They unaware begin perceive strange presences since hotel past violence Jack starts exhibit aggressive behaviors losing judgment only himself prevent going completely mad thanks hidden gift known “the shining” .

**10.The Exorcist . ** Washington family home start experience certain paranormal activities Teenage daughter Regan mentions bed moving appears possessed somehow starts having spasms violence even threats nonsensical doctors after trying everything resort exorcist resulting revelation demon possessing girl body Everyone try end easy task .

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