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05 feb

New horror movies and series on Netflix

Halloween is approaching, trick or treat and horror movies. With that, Netflix brings content to its catalog for this season, these are the premieres.

New horror movies and series on Netflix
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 20 febrero 2024

Netflix has prepared for this season's marathon of horror series and movies that we all love to watch at the end of October along with costumes and treats. To do so, they have expanded the available titles and released new movies and series adapted to this theme.

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Scary Premieres on Netflix

These are the titles that will scare you the most this Halloween on our favorite platform…


Inside an underground chamber, two men are chained next to a dead one, it is not known why they ended up there, but they have a cassette with instructions for one of them to commit murder against his fellow captive. Our protagonists are in the hands of a psychopath and will have a few hours to solve the enigma that will save them.


The idea of some young people breaking into a house and getting away perfectly presents itself when they learn about the fortune of an old blind man, for them it is the perfect opportunity, but upon entering the house they find themselves in an inescapable labyrinth at the hands of a psychopath, so they will have to fight for survival.


This animated film that may remind you of Coraline is about two demon brothers (Wendell and Wild) who have a common enemy they must destroy - the demon-hunting nun along with her teenage henchmen.


A couple decides to move into their dream home but did not count on it being a sinister and terrifying experience as they begin receiving letters from someone calling themselves The Watcher; unfortunately, this is just the beginning.


A group of travelers finds themselves trapped in a desert motel due to a severe storm. It seems that place is not as safe as they think since they will discover how dangerous it is to stay there because there's a killer among them and they'll have to do everything possible to flee or hide.

If these aren't enough for you, you can always visit other platforms like HBO Max and Disney Plus, which keep up by expanding their billboards with other perfect titles for this time of year. Visit the following article for more recommendations like those in this post: Top 10 Horror Movies for This Halloween

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