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05 feb

The new series of The Lord of the Rings

It seems that the greatest hits of cinema are making a comeback, The Lord of the Rings is no exception, so it returns strong with a new series.

The new series of The Lord of the Rings
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A new series of The Lord of the Rings premieres

The adaptation of the novel by British author J.R.R. Tolkien was one of the great successes; this universe of fantasy and adventure had so many followers that after more than 20 years since the first movie, a new installment has been released in this world set in Middle-earth where the Fellowship of the Ring comes together.

You can find this new series on Prime Video and it's called The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Every week you can watch a new episode, every Thursday at dawn each week until a total of 8 episodes are premiered. But let's get to the interesting part; what is this new prequel to The Lord of the Rings about?

the lord of the rings: the rings of power

The protagonists of this story will have to face evil again in Middle-earth during an era long before "The Fellowship of the Ring." Everything is set in the Second Age of the Sun, between Sauron's resurrection and the loss of the One Ring. The first episode unfolds with Galadriel's quest for vengeance as she seeks to find Sauron. At a certain point, Gil-galad declares an end to war while humans are introduced as they confront elves, and there is a discovery that orcs are returning along with other events that interlink characters with one another, forming the beginning of the entire story until it is finally revealed that the shadow is returning to the lands.

In the second episode, characters begin investigations into the real situation following massacres and massive destruction. New creatures are also introduced, whose pasts and reasons for existence we start to learn about. Throughout the episode, we travel through various places, including nomadic towns and elven kingdoms among others while they seek solutions to orc attacks.

We won't give you more details because we want you to fully enjoy watching this surefire hit on Prime Video. Don't wait any longer to watch the first two episodes and stay up-to-date with upcoming releases. You're sure to love every minute and, as always, we want to know your opinion.

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