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6 series to binge-watch this Halloween

Are you eager to accompany Halloween with a series about zombies, vampires, haunted houses, or bloody murderers?

6 series to binge-watch this Halloween
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 20 febrero 2024

In the last decade, the horror genre has undergone a significant revolution, reinventing itself and delivering masterpieces that have become etched in the viewer's psyche. However, with all the content available on streaming platforms, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a specific title. Here are some recommendations if you're looking for a series to binge-watch this Halloween.

The Midnight Club

This is an acclaimed Netflix series that brings a fresh perspective to traditional horror stories, turning them into contemporary urban tales that will resonate with modern audiences. Mike Flanagan introduces us to a hospice for terminally ill patients who gather to tell scary stories, and besides the stories, it generates human interest thanks to its characters.


Available on Disney Plus, it offers an immersive experience that explores the limits of the human mind and how our own psychoses can be more terrifying than any external monster. All through the story of a police officer who is admitted to a psychiatric hospital after having a psychotic outbreak upon seeing her daughter's charred body but discovers the real reason for her confinement.


This unique production found on Apple TV is based on telephone conversations, proving that high-budget visual effects are not necessary to instill fear in viewers. It is a brilliant testament to the power of sound divided into 9 episodes.

Halloween Movies 2023

30 Coins

Directed by the renowned Álex de la Iglesia, this series mixes supernatural horror with ecclesiastical conspiracies, creating an exciting plot that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, from HBO Max platform.

Castle Rock

Found on Movistar Plus TV and inspired by Stephen King's universe, Castle Rock takes us on a journey through the dark stories lurking in this fictional town, intertwining characters and plots from several of the author's most iconic novels. As episodes progress, a global mystery unfolds that envelops everything around a town in Maine.

The Fall of Usher

One of Netflix's latest additions, based on Edgar Allan Poe's story, this adaptation where Roderick Usher is convinced he will soon die brings viewers into the gothic and oppressive atmosphere of the original tale, bringing us closer to themes of obsession and decay.

With these productions, the horror genre continues to demonstrate its ability to evolve and adapt to modern times and these series are redefining what it means to be scared in the 21st century. Don't miss any by saving on your subscription using Sharingful

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