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05 feb

You can't miss these July 2022 premieres on HBO Max

Enjoy the new content from HBO Max with Sharingful. What will be your favorite movie or series this month?

You can't miss these July 2022 premieres on HBO Max
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 02 mayo 2024

What are the HBO Max premieres this month?

From Sharingful, we want you to have the latest updates from all the platforms you might be subscribed to, which is why we're leaving you here the July premieres of HBO Max so you can decide what will be your next favorite movie or series of the month. We would love for you to share it with us!

Before making a list so that you don't miss any of the titles that we know you're going to love, let's highlight some of them, as HBO Max has planned a great catalog for its subscribers. We all know one of the great successes in comedy series such as The Office, a series that we will have available in full from the beginning of summer, other legendary titles that we can enjoy will be Alf, ER or Luther, without a doubt the best choices for an afternoon marathon.

Don't think that this platform can stop surprising us because among the new releases on July's billboard, we are presented with a new Spin-off from another very successful mystery series like Pretty Little Liars, in this case; Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. In addition, they deliver plenty of adventures, action, fantasy, drama and comedy with: V for Vendetta, Fantastic Friends, Downton Abbey or How to Send It All to Hell.

The July billboard with Sharingful

Here is a list with all the series and movies that you won't be able to stop watching hand in hand with HBO Max and, of course, saving some extra money thanks to Sharingful:

Regarding series, shows and documentaries:

● How to Send It All to Hell - July 1st

● The Office (Complete Series) - July 4th

● Luther (Complete Series) - July 4th

● Fantastic Friends - July 9th

● Alf (Complete Series) - July 10th

● The Anarchists (Documentary Series) - July 11th

● Tuca & Bertie (Season 3) - July 13th

● Edge of the Earth - July 13th

● Breeders (Season 3) - July 15th

● The Rehearsal (Season 1) - July 16th

● ER (Complete Series) - July 17th

● Parks & Recreation (Complete Series) - July 18th

● Birdgirl (Season 2) - July 20th

● Rap Sh!t (Season 1) - July 22nd

● Primal (Season 2) - July 24th

● Downton Abbey (Complete Series) - July 25th

● We Met in Virtual Reality - July 28th

● Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin - July 29th

● Almost Fly (Season 1) – July*29th

The best cinema:

● The Equalizer 2 – July*1st

● V for Vendetta – July*1st

● Operation Mincemeat – July*5th

● Fantastic Friends – July*9th

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