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HBO Max premieres this October: new episodes of House of the Dragon

Autumn arrives and with it, HBO brings new content to its platform, along with the season finale of the new Game of Thrones series: House of the Dragon.

HBO Max premieres this October: new episodes of House of the Dragon
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

October Premieres on HBO Max

After this hot summer, we enter October, the month of falling leaves, brown hues, hot coffee, coats, and the quintessential Sunday plan of the season: movie and blanket. Whether alone or accompanied, it is undoubtedly the way to spend a perfect weekend at home, but for that we need the help of our favorite platforms; we need new content so as not to run out of series to watch.

As every month, new titles come to the platform; this time some of the movies we will see range from the most entertaining animations to blockbuster films that we can now watch on our home screens.

Among them is Super Pets, where Superman's own pet will fight against evil in Metropolis with his most loyal companions from the animal world to rescue those in danger. We will see one of the continuations of the greatest classics there is, such as Rambo because Rambo 4; Return to Hell premieres on the platform. We will find ourselves in the jungles of Thailand, living his loneliest and most peaceful life when he has to return to action under certain circumstances.

A highly anticipated series this month is: García. The fiction about a journalist who ends up meeting a cryogenized super agent created in the 50s; he is a being with supernatural strength programmed to obey whoever awakens him—in this case, Antonia the journalist. There's also a new installment of Pennyworth The Origin of Alfred, season three, which jumps forward 5 years after the civil war has ended and a cultural revolution has begun that gives way to an era of superheroes and villains. Among these and many others that you can discover like Pray, Obey, Kill or Sherlock The Abominable Bride.

New Episodes of House of The Dragon

This October will see all episodes of House of The Dragon released leading up to the end of its first season; for now we know there are 10 episodes with the last one airing on October 24th on the platform.

The first episode we'll see this autumnal month will be number seven. So far we've had six episodes full of adventures, disputes, deaths, murders and even weddings—and we expect no less for the rest of season. We want to see how these final episodes meet our high expectations and how they continue telling us about Targaryen history.

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