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10 Movies You Can't Miss This Halloween

Are you looking for a Halloween movie that truly scares you, or would you prefer a film for the whole family? We have the perfect titles, from classics to new releases, so you can enjoy Halloween at home.

10 Movies You Can't Miss This Halloween
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Guillem Vestit
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Classic Streaming Platform Titles to Revive on Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy the best horror movies and series. Horror classics have something special that makes us return to them time and time again. Whether it's nostalgia or simply the fact that they are masterpieces of the genre, there are undoubtedly some that never go out of style and are a must in any horror marathon. Streaming platforms offer us an incredible variety of these gems, and here we present some of the most iconic titles you can enjoy this Halloween.

1. "The Curse of the Werewolf" - Disney Plus

A beggar is imprisoned in the cellar of a cruel marquis after making an inappropriate comment at his wedding. After many years, the beggar goes mad and attacks the jailer's deaf-mute daughter, resulting in her pregnancy: Leon. As Leon grows up, he realizes he suffers from a terrible curse. The film stands out for its focus on tragedy and the protagonist's internal conflict.

2. "Gremlins" - HBO Max

A film that combines comedy with horror. It all begins when a young man receives a creature called Mogwai as a gift. But there are three rules he must not break: don't feed it after midnight, don't get it wet, and avoid exposing it to direct light. When these rules are broken, the peaceful town becomes chaos due to the appearance of Gremlins.

3. "REC" - Movistar Plus

A reporter and her cameraman are recording a night program at a Barcelona fire station. What seems like a quiet night changes drastically when they receive an emergency call from a nearby building. What they find there is something they could never have imagined, and the situation becomes increasingly dangerous.

4. "Halloween" - Filmin

The iconic Michael Myers escapes from a psychiatric hospital and returns to his hometown to pursue Laurie Strode, all on Halloween night. This John Carpenter film has become a reference point for slashers and is a must-see every October 31st.

5. "It" - Netflix

Based on Stephen King's novel, "It" tells the story of a group of children in Derry who are terrorized by an evil shape-shifting entity that commonly appears as a terrifying clown named Pennywise. Together, they will have to face their worst fears to defeat it.

Halloween Movies 2023

New Streaming Platform Releases to Enjoy on Halloween

Streaming platforms renew their catalogs to offer us the best entertainment options. This year, they do not disappoint us as they have prepared horror releases that will make you cling to your blanket and not want to turn off the lights. Here we present you with the most anticipated titles for this season. Get ready for Halloween night with fear and fun!

1. "The Conference" - Netflix

A convention of paranormal experts becomes the perfect setting for a series of supernatural events. When a group of researchers decides to confront unknown entities, they will uncover secrets they wish they had never uncovered. Will they come out unscathed?

2."The Boogeyman" - Disney Plus

Based on popular folklore, "The Boogeyman" takes us into children's world and their nighttime fears—But what happens when childhood fears become real threats? A father fights against time and fear to save his daughter from an entity that has crossed over from legend into reality.

3."Trial by Devil" - Netflix

An ambitious lawyer faces the most complicated case of his life: defending demonic entity accused of causing chaos on earth—as he progresses through trial discovers true nature evil questions whether really right side courtroom—Can human justice judge being another dimension?

4."Skinamarink" - Filmin

In small town residents kept dark secret generations—a nursery rhyme key unlocking terror lurking shadows—When group young people decide investigate mystery behind Skinamarink unleash forces beyond control—Can stop before too late?

With these releases, Halloween promises be memorable—from paranormal entities dark town secrets something everyone who loves horror genre—So light candles prepare popcorn dive into new stories make tremble fear.

Ways Use Different Streaming Platforms

How Watch Netflix

Watching movies on Netflix by sharing account common practice among large global population allows reduce subscription cost—Netflix allows creation multiple profiles single account which facilitates sharing Netflix account without interfering preferences personalized recommendations each user—However important mention sharing outside household environment against terms service Netflix.

Platform allows up 4 simultaneous streams with Netflix Premium plan single account each profile has own viewing history playlists recommendations—So although several users share account each can have personalized viewing experience.

How Watch Filmin Sharing Account

To enjoy content Filmin sharing account several modalities can adapt needs preferences users—Although Sharingful based monthly price Filmin which €7.99—

Can share Filmin account with another person allows total five authorized devices making possible share subscription save cost subscription—

Don't wait any longer open your favorite platforms enjoy best horror content this Halloween best price Sharingful Happy movie marathon! And happy Halloween!

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