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Save up to 50% on your HBO subscription

Share HBO and split the costs with another person by half, thus saving 50% off the price.

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Save up to 50% on your HBO subscription
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 20 febrero 2024

What is HBO MAX?

Our beloved and admired digital content platform HBO has arrived at Sharingful. With open arms, we welcome its endless multimedia catalog full of movies and series that have brought us so much joy and memorable moments over time.

With such iconic titles as Game of Thrones, the quintessential hallmark of the brand and queen by popular vote, which kept us on the edge of our seats with each episode until the end, we couldn't help but give it the welcome it deserves.

Series that leave no one indifferent and seek to stay in our retinas and memories. Take for example the brief, intense, and epic Chernobyl, depicting the nuclear accident in 1986 that marked a before and after in human history. Chilling, thrilling, real, raw, and truthful in reflecting the sequence of events from an unstoppable (or not) incident that led to an unparalleled chain reaction.

We would say that HBO is the perfect digital subscription for movie and series enthusiasts, for those who adore and admire equally the world of cinema lovers; we love knowing that we have all kinds of content at our fingertips where we can choose from a vast variety of genres.

It's time to admit it if you're as much of a cinephile as we are; this digital content platform is perfect for you. However, like palace-priced electricity bills, it comes with a related cost which we must pay to enjoy them.

Unique price for your digital subscription with HBO Spain

There is only one type of subscription within HBO, which is monthly. Therefore, there isn't much else to choose from, right?

This monthly subscription has a final price of €8.99 or €107.88 per year. What advantages does this unique type of digital subscription offer?

  • We can watch all the series and movies we want.
  • We have access to more than 4,000 titles.
  • It offers us the possibility to watch content offline through the mobile app.
  • Up to 2 screens can be connected simultaneously.
  • We can cancel our subscription whenever we want.

Additionally, it offers 7 days free trial but does not offer promotions; however, we can enjoy weekly premieres.

What's important? There is a way to cut its digital cost in half; do you know how? Keep reading because we'll tell you now.

Share your HBO Spain digital subscription with Sharingful

As mentioned earlier, HBO Spain's digital subscription allows us to enjoy content simultaneously on two different screens. What does this mean? That we can split costs with another person by half and save 50% annually.

What can you do to start sharing your cinephile HBO subscription with other users? If you've read this far and reached this point, it means you're genuinely interested.

  • You can share your basic plan with one more person (forming a family), receiving €4.50 per month in return. Or join someone else's plan by paying those €4.50 plus a commission fee of €1.57 for enjoying the conveniences offered by Sharingful.

Annually you could save up to €53.94 by sharing your digital subscriptions while being part of our Sharingful Community.

The top 8 series and movies from HBO Spain selected by Sharingful

Having said that first part let's move on to what's second most important – what interests us: what are the best series and movies deserving special mention on our part?

  1. Let's start with the incomparable Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown, one of the big winners at Emmy Awards 2021—Intriguing captivating thrilling—it has all ingredients needed for both your time ours fly literally by.
  2. Rick Morty, what will be about their crazy adventures attract so many viewers every week? Hilarious addictive chaotic—it has everything needed good time.
  3. The Handmaid’s Tale, based on Margaret Atwood’s novel—a few years have passed since Bruce Miller decided create this dystopian visceral full truths show in 2017—Elisabeth Moss plays Offred her role plot leaves no one indifferent.
  4. The Grand Budapest Hotel, directed Wes Anderson recounts thrilling adventures mythical concierge European hotel—Needless say cast wonderful Ralph Fiennes Willem Dafoe Adrien Brody Bill Murray Edward Norton among others.
  5. Marshland (La Isla Mínima) masterpiece directed Alberto Rodríguez—Special mention photography artistic direction reason why won nothing less than ten Goya Awards—Plot captivates from beginning recommended watch least once lifetime.
  6. An honorable mention goes out Friends—This show been watched over billion times yes read correctly insane right? Years will pass continue love all characters actors portray them. 7.If there’s show swept away Emmy Awards Band Brothers Created Tom Hanks Steven Spielberg recounts experiences Easy Company—if haven’t seen yet least add favorites list. 8.The Wire—we couldn’t like more show Real funny actors ten Do know Jimmy McNulty? If haven’t been introduced yet make note agenda grab beer him Either hate love him.

It never rains please everyone sure left many other gems behind believe when say very difficult choose among so much content legendary movies epic shows Surely have own cinematic selection surely better than ours!

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