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How to add an extra subscriber on Netflix

You may want to share your Netflix account with others and with the new way of sharing, you will need to add them as an extra subscriber.

How to add an extra subscriber on Netflix
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How to add a new Netflix account to your subscription.

If you want to share a Netflix account with another person and you want to be able to play on Netflix without having to worry about a code, then you should add a new Netflix account to your existing subscription. This will allow you to share your account with another person and enjoy together all the benefits that Netflix has to offer without restrictions.

Add extra subscriber Netflix account

Here we explain how to do it:

  1. Access your Netflix account. Once inside your Netflix account, go to the settings section. This section will allow you to make changes to your profile and manage your subscription easily and quickly.

  2. Look for the "Add Profile" or "Add Account" option. This option will allow you to create a new Netflix account and link it to your existing subscription. Once you have found the "Add Profile" or "Add Account" option, click on it. Next, the instructions will be displayed that to create a new account.

  3. Follow the provided instructions to create a new account. Make sure to enter the requested information accurately and completely. Remember that when creating a new account, you will have to provide a valid email address and a secure password. This will ensure the security of your account and allow you to access it in the future without any problems.

  4. Once you have created the new account, you can add it to your existing subscription. To do this, simply enter the email address and password of the new account in the corresponding fields.

Done! Now you will have an extra subscriber on your Netflix account without any inconvenience. Remember that you can repeat this process again, as Netflix allows up to 2 extra subscribers.

Sharing a shared Netflix account

Another popular option is sharing your Netflix account with other people and that is the shared account option. This option allows you to share the subscription costs with other people without having to pay for an extra subscriber.

Sharing a Netflix account can be an excellent way to save money and enjoy all the content without affecting your pocket

It's important to keep in mind that sharing a Netflix account involves trusting the people with whom you share access.

Also, remember that sharing a Netflix account can have limitations depending on the subscription plan you have. Some plans allow multiple screens to play at the same time, while others have restrictions on the number of devices that can access content simultaneously. So if you want to share a Netflix account, you should have the Premium plan contracted, which allows up to 4 reproductions at once on different devices.

Sharing Netflix among 4

If you have a larger group of people with whom you wish to share your Netflix subscription, don't worry, there are also options for you. Some Netflix plans allow you to share your account among up to four people simultaneously. This way, you could save up to 75% of the price, so you would only pay 25% of the subscription cost, a great bargain. To share your account all you need to do is share your Netflix account credentials with the people you want to share the subscription with.

Add extra subscriber Netflix account /> One of the advantages of sharing Netflix among four people is that each user can create their own personalized profile. This allows each group member to have their own list of favorites, personalized recommendations, and continue watching their series and movies from where they left off.

Managing devices on Netflix

Finally, if you simply want to change the devices on which you have access to Netflix or remove devices that you no longer use, here's how to do it:

  1. Access your Netflix account from any device.
  2. Go to the settings section of your account.
  3. Look for the "Manage devices" or "Authorized devices" option.
  4. Click on that option and you will see a list of the devices associated with your account.
  5. To add a new device, simply follow the instructions to authorize it on your Netflix account.
  6. To remove a device, select the corresponding option and follow the instructions to remove it from your account.

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