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Share streaming subscription accounts

Discover how to share streaming subscription accounts safely and legally.

Share streaming subscription accounts
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Guillem Vestit
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In the digital age in which we live, streaming has become a popular way to enjoy online multimedia content. From movies and TV series to music and documentaries, these subscription services allow us to access a wide variety of content without having to buy it, which makes it cheaper for us. However, the cost of subscribing to the multiple platforms that currently exist means that you have to bear the price of each of these platforms and you may be paying a lot of money per month for subscriptions without realizing it. That's why the idea of sharing streaming accounts through Sharingful is the best option to save and enjoy all platforms.

What Streaming Services Allow Shared Accounts?

If you're thinking about sharing streaming accounts with friends or family, it's important to know which services allow you to do so. Fortunately, several of the most popular streaming platforms have policies that allow shared account use. Some of these are:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • HBO Max
  • Disney Plus
  • Apple TV+
  • Spotify Premium
  • YouTube Premium

These services let you share your account with a certain number of devices or profiles, meaning each family member can have their own profile or account.

Share subscriptions through Sharingful

For example, although Spotify is primarily known as a music streaming platform, it also offers podcast and audiobook content. With a premium subscription, you can create additional profiles and share the premium family subscription with up to five people. This allows you to enjoy each family member's favorite music and podcasts without having to pay for individual subscriptions, which translates into huge savings.

There's also another platform but no less important; we have YouTube Premium. Although YouTube Premium is mainly a music and video platform, it also allows you to share your account with up to five family members through the family subscription. Each member will have their own account and will be able to enjoy all of YouTube.

Advantages of Sharing Streaming Accounts

There are several advantages to sharing streaming accounts. One of the main advantages is economic savings. Instead of paying for several individual subscriptions, you can share the expenses with other people and reduce the total cost.

On the Currently, there are numerous streaming platforms that offer the option to share accounts with other people. This means that you can not only enjoy your favorite shows, but also discover new content recommended by your loved ones.

Share Disney Plus account with Sharingful

Sharingful is a platform that facilitates the sharing of streaming accounts. With Sharingful, you can create a family account and add other people so that everyone can enjoy Disney Plus with the same account but different profiles.

Sharing a Disney Plus account with Sharingful is also a way to save without having to do practically anything since the platform handles all payments so that no one has to do anything more than enjoy Disney Plus through the shared account.

Shared HBO Max account on Sharingful

Just like with Disney Plus, Sharingful also allows sharing of HBO Max accounts. This means that you can share the cost of your subscription with up to 3 people.

With Sharingful, you can create an HBO Max family and easily manage the devices and profiles that have access. This ensures that each member of your family can enjoy their own personalized content and maintain their recommendations and lists. In addition to sharing HBO Max accounts, Sharingful also offers the possibility of sharing accounts from other popular streaming services. This includes platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, YouTube Premium or SkyShowtime among others. In this way, you will not only be able to enjoy the content of HBO Max, but you will also have access to a wide range of movies, series and documentaries from other platforms that you may not have considered.

Sharingful stands out for its ease of use and its focus on the security of shared accounts. It uses advanced technology to ensure that only authorized people have access to the shared accounts. This provides peace of mind and prevents possible security issues or unauthorized use.

Another advantage of using Sharingful is the possibility of sharing accounts with friends and family who are in different geographical locations. This means that even if your loved ones live in different cities or countries, they will be able to enjoy the content of HBO Max together, as if they were in the same living room.

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