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Use of HBO Max: Simultaneous Accounts

A common question that arises among users is how many simultaneous accounts they can use on HBO Max.

Use of HBO Max: Simultaneous Accounts
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

When we want to use HBO Max, we might ask the question about how many users can use the simultaneous account on HBO Max.

What are HBO Max's Simultaneous Accounts?

Simultaneous accounts refer to the number of devices that can stream content from HBO Max at the same time using the same account. This is especially useful for families or roommates who want to watch different shows or movies at the same time.

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The number of simultaneous accounts allowed by HBO Max is 3 simultaneous streams with the same account on different devices.

HBO Max Subscription Options

When considering a subscription to HBO Max, one of the main advantages is the ability to have multiple simultaneous accounts. This means that up to three devices can stream content from HBO Max at the same time using the same account. This functionality is ideal when you are sharing the subscription with others.

Sharing costs with Sharingful

In addition From the convenience of simultaneous accounts, there is an economical option to enjoy HBO Max through the use of Sharingful. By sharing the HBO Max subscription with two other people, the total cost can be split evenly, resulting in a significantly reduced cost of only 3.33€ per person instead of the 9.99€ that is the subscription price. This is an excellent way to enjoy all the rich and diverse content that HBO Max offers without having to assume a subscription for each person.

Save by sharing HBO Max account

Additional Considerations

Although simultaneous accounts are a useful feature of HBO Max, there are also some considerations to keep in mind. For example, if you exceed the allowed number of simultaneous streams, you may be asked to close one of the streams before you can start a new one.

In addition, although you can create up to five user profiles, each profile does not have its own limit for simultaneous streams. The limit applies to the account as a whole, regardless of the number of profiles created.

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