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Online subscriptions of Nintendo

Nintendo's online subscriptions are a great way to be able to play with your friends online and have exclusive advantages.

Online subscriptions of Nintendo
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Nintendo's online subscriptions have revolutionized the way we play video games. Since their launch, they have provided gamers with a platform to access a wide range of games and services. This article delves into the world of Nintendo's online subscriptions, exploring their features, benefits, and how to obtain one.

What are Nintendo Online Subscriptions?

Nintendo's online subscriptions are a paid service offered by Nintendo to users of its consoles. This service allows subscribers to access a number of benefits, including access to a library of classic games, the ability to play online with friends and save game data in the cloud.

Content of Nintendo Online subscriptions

In addition, subscribers can also enjoy exclusive offers and discounts in Nintendo's online store. This service has become an integral part of the Nintendo gaming experience, providing players with a convenient and affordable way to enjoy their favorite games.

Features of Nintendo Online Subscriptions

Access to classic games

One of the most notable features of Nintendo's online subscriptions is access to a library of classic games. The Subscribers can enjoy a wide range of NES and Super NES games, allowing them to relive their favorite childhood games or discover new classics.

This library is regularly updated, meaning there is always something new to play. In addition, many of these games also feature online capabilities, allowing players to compete or cooperate with friends from around the world.

Online Gaming

Another important feature of Nintendo's online subscriptions is the ability to play online. Subscribers can compete or cooperate with friends in a variety of games, from blockbuster hits like "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" to indie games like "Stardew Valley".

In addition, the service also offers voice chat features through the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, allowing players to communicate with their friends while playing.

How to Get a Nintendo Online Subscription?

Getting a Nintendo online subscription is a simple process. Players can subscribe directly from their Nintendo Switch console, or through Nintendo's online store. The service offers several subscription options, including monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions, to suit each player's needs and budget.

In addition, Nintendo also offers a family subscription option, which allows up to eight Nintendo Switch accounts to use the service under a single subscription. This can be a cost-effective option for families or groups of friends who of the benefits of the service together.

Being an administrator of a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion family

Becoming an administrator of a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion family is an excellent way to enjoy all the benefits of Nintendo's online subscriptions at a more affordable cost. As an administrator, you have the responsibility of managing the membership and coordinating with other family members to make the most of the subscription.

What is Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion?

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion is an enhanced version of the standard Nintendo Switch Online subscription. It includes all the perks of the basic subscription, such as access to classic games and the ability to play online, and adds additional features such as:

  • Access to a selection of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games.
  • Inclusion of additional content for certain games, like the "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" expansion pack.

Advantages of Being an Administrator of a Family on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion

  1. Reduced Cost per Person: By managing a family subscription, the cost is split among members, resulting in significant savings compared to multiple individual subscriptions.

  2. Centralized Management: As an administrator, you can easily manage invitations to new members and oversee membership from a single account.

  3. Shared Access* All family members enjoy of the same benefits, including access to exclusive games and the possibility of playing online.

  4. Time Saving: By sharing your subscription through Sharingful, you also save money managing the group.

How to Become an Administrator and Set Up a Family on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion

  1. Subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion: You can do this directly from your Nintendo Switch console or through the online Nintendo store.

  2. Choose the Family Subscription Option: Select the family subscription option during the purchase process.

  3. Invite Members to Your Family: Once you have established your family membership, you can invite up to seven additional people to join your group. This is done by sending invitations by email through your Nintendo account.

  4. Coordinate Payment and Account Management: As an administrator, you can coordinate the payment of the subscription and manage the family account. It is important to communicate clearly with group members about expectations and cost division.

Sharing Subscription through Sharingful

In addition, you can use platforms like Sharingful to securely and efficiently share the costs of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion subscription. With Sharingful, each person can contribute their part of the cost, which facilitates group payment management and ensures that all members have access to the benefits of the subscription.

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