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Learn German with Duolingo

German is one of the most spoken languages in Europe and is the official language in Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein.

Learn German with Duolingo
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Guillem Vestit

Learning a new language can be an exciting challenge but it can also be a journey full of obstacles. Fortunately, with the help of modern technology, learning German has become more accessible than ever. Duolingo, a language learning app, offers an interactive and fun way to learn German from the comfort of your home.

Why learn German?

German is one of the most spoken languages in Europe and is the official language in Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Moreover, it's one of the most used languages in the world of business and academia. Learning German can open up a wealth of professional and personal opportunities.

In addition, German is the language of many great thinkers and artists. By learning German, you not only acquire a new skill but also immerse yourself in a rich culture and tradition.

Why Duolingo?

Duolingo is one of the most popular and effective language learning apps available. phrases.

Currently, with its interactive and gamified approach, Duolingo makes learning German fun and engaging.

In addition, Duolingo is free and accessible on a variety of platforms, although the Duolingo Plus subscription allows you to learn in a faster and more efficient way.

How to learn German with Duolingo

Account Setup

To start learning German with Duolingo, you first need to create an account. This is easy and quick, and only requires a valid email address. Once you have created your account, you can select German as the language you want to learn.

After selecting German, Duolingo will give you the option to start from scratch or take a placement test if you already have some knowledge of the language.

Daily Lessons

Duolingo offers daily lessons that you can complete at your own pace. Each lesson focuses on a specific topic, such as vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation.

The lessons include a variety of activities, such as matching words with pictures, completing sentences and listening and repeating phrases. phrases in German. This ensures that you practice all the necessary linguistic skills to effectively learn German.

Practice with friends

One of the most fun features of Duolingo is the ability to practice with friends. You can connect with other Duolingo users and compete in friendly challenges to see who can earn more points. This not only makes learning more fun, but it also gives you the opportunity to practice your German with other people.

Tips for learning German with Duolingo

Set daily goals

Setting daily goals can be an excellent way to maintain motivation and constant progress. Duolingo allows you to set your own goals, whether it's completing a certain number of lessons each day or earning a certain number of points.

Practice regularly

Regular practice is key to learning a new language. Try to practice German with Duolingo every day, even if you can only dedicate a few minutes. Consistency will help you better retain information and improve your language skills more quickly.

Use the Additional Resources

Duolingo offers a variety of additional resources to help you learn German, including podcasts, stories, and live events. These resources can be an excellent way to improve your listening and comprehension skills, and to learn more about German culture and history.

Subscribing to Duolingo Plus

For those who wish to maximize their learning experience on Duolingo, subscribing to Duolingo Plus is a great option. Duolingo Plus offers additional benefits such as ad-free lessons, lesson downloads for offline use, and an enhanced learning experience. Even better, you can make Duolingo Plus more financially accessible by sharing the subscription through Sharingful.

Duolingo Plus Family Plan on Sharingful

The Duolingo Plus Family Plan allows you to share the subscription with up to 5 more people, and through Sharingful, this becomes extremely economical. Each person in the group can enjoy all the benefits of Duolingo Plus for only €1.71 - a significant difference compared to the individual plan of Duolingo Plus.

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