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05 feb

Eurosport: The platform to watch sports for less money

Discover the streaming platform for watching sports, how much it costs, how it works, and how to share your subscription to pay less for it.

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Eurosport: The platform to watch sports for less money
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

Eurosport is a service for watching sports content via streaming, where you can enjoy all kinds of significant events from the world of sports, teams, exercise, competition, and both professional and individual achievement. From this website, you can access more than 60 sports disciplines whose schedule of events, competitions or matches you will be informed about, and you can stream them whenever you choose.

In addition to live and recorded events, there are also documentaries, news, podcasts, articles that you can access at any time with a subscription to this platform. You can also search for specific content that interests you to watch. Some of the benefits of having an account on Eurosport include the possibility to watch exclusive content for members, as well as premium quality and access to different immersive experiences such as very specific viewpoints thanks to multi-camera technology. Sounds great, doesn't it?

A platform for watching tennis

If you like tennis, we're pleased to tell you that you've found the streaming service that you will enjoy the most since it's one of the most active and up-to-date platforms in this sport. Not only will you be able to watch games but also stay informed about all the latest news and everything surrounding this world of rackets and wristbands such as events, results, interviews, analysis, live broadcasts and even replays.


Be the first to have all this on your device; find out about new developments before anyone else or experience them live. Access schedules and everything that happens before, during and after a victory or defeat so as not to miss a single detail.

How much does Eurosport cost? How do I subscribe?

So many services in one app might suggest that the price would be significantly higher but fortunately that's not the case with Eurosport. In addition to all its features it has a very affordable price for sports lovers. It costs €6.99 for a monthly subscription,** €3.99 per month** for an annual subscription or €39.99 per year (the cheapest option).

So how can we lower these rates through Sharingful? It's very simple… Share your subscription and it will be even cheaper.

To start sharing an account on this digital platform just follow a few simple steps. You can click on this link: Register on Eurosport and create your account using a username, email address and as always a password. Once done you'll be able to enjoy all the content; next is signing up for Sharingful and start saving by sharing an account. We'll explain how:

Cheaper Eurosport thanks to Sharingful

You know at Sharingful we're always looking out for ways to save money and spend less. So although we've found this platform which has low prices we want to go further by reducing these rates even more. We also want you to choose from among the options we offer so that it best suits your needs. To start with there are three possibilities regarding payment terms; monthly quarterly annual… choose whichever one you prefer To continue here are our prices for subscribing to Eurosport:

  1. Joining a subscription means only paying your proportional share of what it costs to have an account or user meaning you'll pay €3 instead of the original €6 99 This is done through our website option “choose family” since it means joining someone else's subscription

2 If you're someone who wants share their own subscription with other users same thing happens except now you receive €2 33 from each member, because they pay you for being part of your subscription This is what we call “forming a family”.

It's just that quick easy… On our website ycan find out about all available platforms across various categories such as education reading cinema music etc Are yin?

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