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The best platforms for learning languages

Learning a language can be a challenging process, especially if one does not have access to adequate resources or in-person language classes. Fortunately, there are several online platforms that allow users to easily learn a language.

The best platforms for learning languages
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

Platforms for Learning English Online

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and learning English can open many doors in both professional and personal spheres. Below, we present some of the best options for learning English online.

Learning with Duolingo

Duolingo is a popular online platform offering courses in various languages, including English. The courses are designed to be fun and engaging, making them ideal for learning a language in your free time. The platform uses a gamification-based learning method, where users earn points by completing exercises and progress through different levels. While Duolingo is free, there is also a paid option that offers additional features, such as proficiency level indication.

Lingokids for Children

Lingokids is a language learning platform aimed at young children. The platform offers educational content and games to help children learn English effectively and enjoyably. The courses are designed by experts in early childhood education, and the platform uses animated characters and popular songs to keep children interested and engaged in the learning process. On Lingokids, parents can also track their children's progress and communicate with teachers through the app.

Share Lingokids and Duolingo Subscriptions with Sharingful

Meanwhile, it's important to note that some platforms offer options to share subscriptions.

Sharingful Lets You Share Accounts and Save

With Sharingful you can share Lingokids and Duolingo subscriptions with others.

Share Lingokids Account with Sharingful and Save

To unlock all premium features of Lingokids such as unlimited games, songs, videos, tracking children's progress, and the option to download and play offline, you need to subscribe to the "Lingokids unlimited" plan. This plan costs €14.99 per month while the basic free plan only allows you access to three activities per day.

Share Lingokids account on Sharingful

This is where Sharingful comes into play with a much more attractive proposal. How does it sound to access all the benefits of the unlimited plan but at a much-reduced price? We offer two options:

The first option is to form a family; that is, share your subscription with other users. This way each member of your digital family will contribute €3.75, and you will only have to pay your share.

The second option is joining an existing family. In this case, your monthly fee of €14.99 will be reduced to just €4.83. Additionally, you'll have the flexibility of choosing a payment plan that fits your needs—be it annual or quarterly.

Share Duolingo Plus Subscription

At Sharingful you can save significantly on your Duolingo Plus subscription. Our platform allows you to find others with whom to share the subscription among up to six different users; this way reducing the monthly price from €10.24 to only €2.20 per person. We take care of connecting users who seek to optimize their expenses while enjoying language learning without significant outlay.

If you prefer taking initiative yourself we invite you create your own family group sharing account; receiving €1.71 monthly from each member which makes it slightly more cost-effective for yourself.

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