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05 feb

What to do this summer without leaving home?

We know that sometimes the heat tempts us to stay at home, so we suggest various activities so that you never get bored.

What to do this summer without leaving home?
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 20 febrero 2024

Just like everyone else, this summer is full of opportunities and activities to do. Because we don't want you to get bored at home when you don't have plans to go out or when you feel like enjoying the comfort of your home, we're going to suggest things to do from home on hot days like the ones ahead. You can also take the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and entertain the little ones in the house by spending family time.

Sharingful's suggestions so you don't get bored on your summer days

Summer vacations are a great opportunity to let everyone's hobbies flourish and make the most of free time to carry them out without inconvenience. These can include cooking, reading, painting, crafting, writing, watching series and movies, playing sports, and much more.

Some of the activities that don't require leaving the house are a lot of fun, plus they allow you to try new things and discover hobbies that we didn't have before.

  1. One of these could be cooking or baking; you don't need much talent to follow internet recipes—they are easy to find and many of them aren't very expensive. Sometimes ingredients that we commonly consume at home can end up making the best dish we've ever tasted. After spending time cooking comes the best part—eating what we've made! Have your family rate your recipe and challenge someone else to make a new one.

  2. If what you're passionate about is sports, there's no need to suffer in the heat by running under the blazing sun; you can use small or large spaces in your own home to set up a gym without spending any money, quarantine style from 2020. You'll be able to get in shape from the comfort of your home. Create routines by watching countless videos on YouTube and use things you have at home like a chair or heavy items such as water bottles or boxes with books. Anything can be useful.

  3. There's also an option if you're super creative or just like using your hands for DIY projects. Crafting is a very fun activity that will delight the little ones in the house. You can create decorative items, draw pictures, paint canvases, make jewelry and decorate t-shirts or create things that are useful for your day-to-day life—for example, inventing a board game and creating a board, assembling a kite, sewing an item of clothing or preparing an organizer for your office supplies. Everything is valid!

  4. On the other hand, if you're passionate about reading and visiting new worlds—living fantastic lives or alternate realities—you have many resources for finding the perfect book: reread your favorite readings; buy new books; download them onto an e-reader or any electronic device; or even write your own novel if none convince you. Something we love at Sharingful is reading on screens—although everyone has their tastes—but we have discovered Nextory's world which allows us to download a wide variety of books and thanks to our service you can get it for an incredible price. Nextory is a platform with books and audiobooks available for all ages and all types of audiences; we're sure it might interest you.

  5. Obviously, we cannot forget about a wonderful afternoon full of movies or binge-watching your favorite series. With today's vast array of options for enjoying top-notch cinema, it’s impossible not to dedicate an afternoon or evening for this purpose: watch platform premieres; successful shows; horror films; comedies; dramas—in short—all that we enjoy watching on screen. Plus,** Sharingful gives you the chance to save on subscriptions** so that you can be users of as many as possible without missing out on any.

We hope we've given you some ideas for making use of your free time—don’t forget about us—and take advantage of all options available which can be seen on our website. We'd love for you visit it and share with us which one is your favorite since you can also enjoy services for learning, playing video games, listening music,and watching sports** . The best part is that we are open to suggestions so if you have any please contact us at [email protected] whenever you want.

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