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How to save on your household expenses?

We share with you several tips so that you can start saving on your household expenses.

How to save on your household expenses?
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 02 mayo 2024

Learn to Save Easily

At Sharingful, we know how important it is to save both time and money. Specifically, in today's post, we are going to focus on some tricks or tips that we want to share with you to save on significant expenses, such as those of the household. We're going to give you some ideas so that you can reduce costs or use them for other things.

5 Tips for Reducing Household Expenses

It's often good to stop and reflect on the things we do because one of these is spending money, and knowing exactly where we spend it could allow us to plan our expenses. Making a monthly plan of what we want to spend and where will give us a guide to follow and stick to as much as possible. To do this, you can look for templates on the internet, create an Excel spreadsheet, or simply use paper and pencil.

  • Many of our daily expenses tend to be unnecessary or just whims; it's not about neglecting oneself but controlling the budget we have for these things. One option is to identify which expenses are necessary and which ones we can do without during our month so that we know in case it's necessary; you can also create a budget for all these purchases and try not to exceed it during the month.

  • Generally, owning a car represents a very high cost for families, not only because of its price but also due to maintenance, gasoline, insurance, etc. So there are always alternatives that one can resort to, like using public transportation, which will not only help the environment but also our wallets. There are numerous combinations for both short and long distances, and often this is faster than using a private vehicle.

  • We know that humans are impulsive, not only in their vital decisions but also in more trivial matters like grocery shopping. Often we find products that we had no intention of buying but give in to our whims without thinking twice. Avoiding impulse purchases can help us reduce supermarket spending; thus one way is by writing a list before going and sticking strictly to it once there. You'll surely notice the difference.

  • Another thing that can help us save is comparing prices, both in daily shopping and larger expenses; from supermarket purchases up until choosing our appliances. It's important to be familiar with the products and services we consume so as adjust the price we're willing pay according our needs.

How does Sharingful Help You?

As mentioned earlier, leisure activities and indulgences can be adjusted into a budget; therefore, we also want present our service as an alternative original prices of streaming platforms, something nobody likes doing without.

Sharingful offers lower prices for obtaining the same service; all it involves is sharing your subscriptions and consequently paying only your proportional part of being a user on these platforms. This means dividing the cost of subscription according number potential users allowed by platform—for example with Netflix if four users are allowed then group four people will form where each pays their share; €3.14 per month instead €8.99, which is standard rate—This discount amounts up an incredible 80% savings per year! Other examples where apply this same strategy include Netflix HBO Max Spotify Premium much more.

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