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Getting money back for shopping at your favorite store? Qoala makes it possible.

Introducing Qoala, the app that allows you to get back a portion of the money from your purchases at over 3000 different stores.

Getting money back for shopping at your favorite store? Qoala makes it possible.
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

Discover Qoala and earn money with your purchases

Qoala is a web service that helps you save, something we all love to do at Sharingful, so we want to tell you how it works. This company has come to change the way we shop online, Qoala helps you save by giving you back a % of what you spend on your online purchases and also simplifies the process of searching for different coupons and deals. All this thanks to their browser extension that does the work for you. They work with over 3000 stores such as Adidas, FNAC, Aliexpress, El Corte Inglés, and many more, among which they analyze available coupons and make them available to you or, alternatively, you can make your purchase in the traditional way and Qoala applies a % of Cashback, meaning they refund a part of the amount you have spent on your purchase.

How does Qoala work?

To start saving on your purchases and begin accumulating this Cashback, you can sign up completely free of charge and earn €10 as a welcome bonus (€5 when downloading the extension + €5 for your first purchase). You can buy through WEB, APP, and EXTENSION.

Download the extension:

Earn money with Qoala

  1. Install it in your browser through this link: Download Qoala's extension and pin it to the extensions bar so it's always at hand.
  2. Enter different stores to find out how much % Cashback you can save from your purchase and also see if there is any special coupon or offer for you.
  3. Activate Cashback to save on your purchase and if the store has coupons, copy them to save even more or wait until the end of the purchase and Qoala will automatically apply the best discount code for your purchase, it's that easy.
  4. Make your purchase and earn money just like that!

In addition to applying discounts, you can also activate Cashback since these two functions are complementary so that savings never end.

Visit joinqoala.com:

  1. On the same website, you can search for the online store where you want to shop and look for these discounts directly.
  2. You'll be able to copy the coupon and activate cashback as in previous cases, then be redirected to the store so that you can make your purchase with the discount applied.
  3. Finish making your purchase and in a short time, see in your Qoala profile the money they return to you.

Earn money with Qoala

All of the Cashback that you accumulate will be reflected in your profile. Once you reach a minimum of €20, you'll be able to redeem them through various means: bank transfer or PayPal or via a gift card. Qoala thinks of everything; every time you make a purchase they will plant a tree so indirectly contributing a good deed for the environment.

At Sharingful we've already signed up for this way of earning money! What are you waiting for?

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