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Learn languages easily with Duolingo Plus

At Sharingful, we help you learn in the most fun way. We introduce you to Duolingo Plus, so you can learn any language without spending a lot.

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Learn languages easily with Duolingo Plus
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

We have always looked for easy and quick ways to learn languages, and if it's free, even better. Thanks to Sharingful, you won't have it for free, but it could be said that you can get it at such a low price that it would be like having it for free.

We've found the perfect app for this, Duolingo is a platform through which you can learn languages in a fun and interactive way from the most basic level. Like everything else, there is a free version but we want to tell you all the advantages and disadvantages so that you can consider which is the best option for you.

How does Duolingo work?

This app is currently considered one of the most fun and simple courses with which to learn languages. It's an innovative digital platform that helps to learn a language from the very basics. It's like a game that assesses your progress and helps you learn. These lessons are divided into different game levels that track your progress depending on whether or not you answer correctly to the different activities posed.

Duolingo allows you to choose from a wide variety of languages, more than 30 specifically, thus removing many limits in a fun and interactive way. As we mentioned earlier, it helps you review your progress indicators so that you can advance at your own pace and ability. It's an app that can be used on mobiles or computers; it's for all ages; you can access it anytime or any device; organize your own learning pace; and users can interact with each other through the app's forums where debates or conversations can be opened in which they can reinforce among themselves the knowledge they have acquired, which can be helpful in meeting people.

In the paid version there are certain different features that greatly improve the use of this platform which completes much more the service. In this case, the games included in the app allow unlimited lives so you will be able to play much more; practice your specific mistakes; eliminate advertising and ads; skip units unlimitedly; and get the chance to take a mastery test.

How do I sign up for Duolingo Plus?

To start learning languages, you must register on Duolingo's website, using the same mobile phone application. On the "start now" button initially indicate which language you want to learn then they will ask some small questions to get to know a little better about what kind of motivation do you have for learning a language and how much time are going to dedicate daily.

Once they know more about how do want start this activity they will ask an email address password access whenever want save all data.


To invite people join family plan, enter control panel application clicking profile find several options among these "Add members/manage" through allows see who part family if here list people part subscription still places left want start filling them able share link add members choose share via Whatsapp other channels depending interested


Similarly join family must receive link allow entry through means like Whatsapp email then just open accept terms conditions appear group application

Also Duolingo ensures privacy these profiles younger ones minors under 13 years old will private profile only possible join these family groups from links as mentioned

What is price Duolingo Plus? How much does Duolingo Plus cost without sharing shared?

There two types plans individual family first case monthly fee €6.99 month even alone valid one user On other hand family plan consists €10.24 month up six people using same platform account

Both cases will have free trial 14 days surely help verify really going useful learning language chosen

How get cheaper?

Rate Sharingful drastically lowers numbers thanks possibility sharing six different people subscription come scene help contact others save money like case join one subscriptions price big €10.24 become only €2.20 each month enjoy all advantages learn languages way fun without having pay great price

If prefer another option encourage form real family person shares account others In case guarantee every month going receive payment all members formed pay always proportional part but receive €1.71 per person joins maintaining privacy security

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