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Why use Sharingful?

If you don't know us yet, let us tell you who we are, what we do, and why our service will interest you.

Why use Sharingful?
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 20 febrero 2024

Sharingful Who are we?

Sharingful is a platform that allows its users to save money while enjoying more than one subscription service for prices similar to what they would pay for just one with an individual plan. The way to achieve this is by sharing these subscriptions with other users who are looking for the same thing: to get more for less.

Nowadays, platforms like Netflix, Spotify, HBO, Disney Plus, Youtube, among many others, are present as an additional expense in the household since everyone wants to have at least one of these services. The way we have all been getting subscriptions has been by sharing account passwords with our friends and family; however, this leads to conflicts, especially financial ones, since generally we do not get any return from this arrangement.

On the other hand, at Sharingful we have thought about this and believe it's only fair that people should pay for the use of these accounts. That's why we have developed a way that by sharing our subscriptions we can receive the payment that corresponds to us or only pay the proportional part that it costs us to use an account or profile from each platform. This allows us the possibility of having all the subscriptions we want at our fingertips without complications.

The operation of this process is based on the following: one person manages a subscription to, for example, Disney Plus and thanks to Sharingful, which acts as an intermediary, they can obtain other members who will pay them for shared use of the account that has been created. This ensures they receive the corresponding payment and there is a guarantee behind it that there is management of all this thanks to our service. It's that simple!

Forming an HBO Max group with Sharingful

How do our users see us?

We know that our service has been very well received; people like what we do and little by little we are growing and becoming known. On several occasions we have had the opportunity to appear in media outlets mentioning Sharingful and discussing how it works, its objectives, and its purpose. For example, we have appeared in newspapers such as 20 Minutos, el nacional.cat or [9nou](https://el9nou.cat/osona-ripolles/actualitat/compartint-plataformes-digitals/ ), recommended on blogs and discussed in some interviews.

In all cases, Sharingful is talked about as an opportunity to gain access to many platforms quickly, simply and intuitively.

We can say with complete confidence that our users are happy with the service they receive, customer service and management carried out by our team; feedbacks are always positive and any problems that may arise are always resolved as quickly as possible with good solutions. Here are some examples of recent reviews from TrustPilot:

Highly recommended: I've been using a shared Disney+ account throughout 2022 without any problems at a good price; when there has been a minor incident or question they've responded quickly and well. Highly recommended.

Fabulous: I had an issue accessing a platform and they solved it super fast even though it was very late at night. This sharing system works very well and customer service is excellent.

The idea is good and works without problems. The best part? Their customer service; if you have any problem they solve it perfectly and swiftly! Thank you very much!

To conclude this post we want to encourage you to learn more about us; find out about our service – we're sure you'll be interested –and you'll love learning about how we help save money for our users. You can visit our website to join us and our blog where you can read all kinds of articles created by us which can be very helpful in getting to know us better.

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