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05 feb

How to get Microsoft 365 at the best price

A new subscription arrives at Sharingful. Discover how to share and pay less for all the productivity applications that can help you improve your work and your personal or professional performance.

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How to get Microsoft 365 at the best price
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 12 febrero 2024

Enjoy Microsoft 365 for Almost Free

If you are familiar with the famous Office tool, you should know that it is now called Microsoft 365. Connect information and content created by you through an intelligent cloud, thanks to the different applications of this service. We tell you all the details of how Microsoft 365 works so that you can appreciate all the advantages of this paid service and how you can use it in the cheapest way by sharing the family subscription through Sharingful.

To begin with, all the applications, services, and data generated by Microsoft are hosted on the same server; moreover, you can have an email account and cloud storage space. Tasks as simple as searching for information, sharing it, organizing meetings, etc., become very easy thanks to the organization of all these applications.

Advantages of Subscribing to Microsoft 365

Updates that improve this service are continuously released, but currently included in the annual Microsoft 365 plan are the following applications:

Cheaper Microsoft-365

All these applications will help you perform work that is easy, collaborative, and very intuitive. Among them, you can create documents, presentations, spreadsheets; have your email; create forms; improve your spelling and grammar; use a digital notepad; a video editor; a platform for making video calls; and a data protection system to help maintain security on your devices.

This subscription allows up to six people to use all these services and enables simultaneous use on five devices. It works across different devices such as PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android phones and tablets. The large cloud storage capacity eliminates limits so that you can relax and store everything you need within a total of 6 TB, which is distributed among different users. With all this thanks to your monthly or annual payment. You can access all updates to continuous technical support applications like Skype, All kinds of templates that can be adapted to the type of work you want to do as well as an extensive library of photos, icons videos fonts audios and much more but always with top quality.

What is the Price of Microsoft 365 and How to Get it at a Discounted Price with Sharingful

Let's talk about prices. The company itself offers different plans for personal and family use or professional use where different features vary along with price. Those we have discussed throughout this article are part of the Microsoft 365 Family plan which is set at a price of €10 per month or €99 annually.

As always at Sharingful, we want to promote your savings so that your subscriptions don't stagnate and we have added this platform to our website with the idea that you can improve your productivity thanks to Microsoft's services while saving money in the easiest way by sharing Microsoft 365 Family through us so that you pay less for your subscription.

Amongst the two options we offer at Sharingful, these are the conditions and prices:

  1. If you're a veteran who already has a subscription in Microsoft 365 and think that you could make much more out of it we suggest creating a family on Sharingful. This means that you will share your account with other users from whom you will receive from each one a total of €1.38 each month.

  2. If on the other hand, you prefer being someone who joins one of these families then price reduction remains just as significant since instead of paying €8.25 per month now only spend €1.93 monthly without having to forego any advantages or services from such tool like Microsoft.

Obviously in every case you can choose whichever payment method suits best for yourself cancel subscription anytime.

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