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Why is Sharingful a good option for saving?

In this blog, we want to introduce our service to you in more depth and tell you why it's a good option to avoid spending more money than necessary.

Why is Sharingful a good option for saving?
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 20 febrero 2024

Sharingful, the platform for sharing subscriptions from the leading streaming platforms

Nowadays, it's quite rare not to use any of the streaming platforms available today, such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Crunchyroll, Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium, etc. All of these allow you to enjoy all kinds of content, from movies and series to documentaries and TV shows, all on-demand by the user; that is to say, being able to play it at the moment they choose from a device at their disposal. The benefits usually include ad removal, easy access to unlimited content and improved quality. All this is distributed by certain companies and is a business; therefore, it has a cost for the consumer.

This cost can vary depending on the platform one subscribes to; however, it's true that sometimes this price does not fully fit the use we as subscribers can make of it since there are cases where up to 4 devices are allowed to stream content and often only one person will use it. One resource we can turn to is sharing this subscription with other people while also sharing the expense that this entails.

We know that this option we've discussed is perfectly valid but sometimes we need a guarantee that we will receive those payments and that no one will deceive us or take advantage of us.

Similarly, we think that there's no need to go without having more than one streaming platform if by sharing subscriptions we pay a lower price. This means that we can access more of these without paying exorbitant amounts of money since the goal of all this is to pay only the proportional part of what it means to use an account or profile on these platforms. An example would be Disney Plus profiles; as a user, you would only pay what would be your own profile with your name and personalized avatar.

How does our service work?

At Sharingful we understood that if there were an intermediary in these cases everything would be much easier and more reliable; therefore, we want to fulfill that function. We want to be that guarantee that everyone will pay only what is fair and necessary as well as ensuring when sharing subscriptions; the owner will receive their payment from other members without any problem. Furthermore, we look for the best plans from each service so you can enjoy all possible advantages such as: Netflix Premium or Spotify Family, so that the only benefit isn't just a cheaper subscription but also enjoying all the advantages these plans offer which usually include above all ad removal and unlimited content.

cheaper subscriptions

To achieve this savings in money, we have two options available on our website which consist of being the owner of a family plan and sharing this subscription, or joining one. We manage what would be contact between members of each subscription to ensure agreed payments are received and given. As in the example in the previous photo where a Disney Plus account is shared among 4 people where you see one person makes a payment of €8.99 to the platform and receives €2.70 from each of three remaining members through Sharingful's management although they pay €3.15 because Sharingful charges this small difference as commission for its role as an intermediary and everything involved.

In addition, not only do we think about movies or music but also those paid digital services used for learning reading or playing video games so any subscription you might be looking for help you get it cheaper.

We also keep in mind how important communication between company and customer is in any type of service because should any possible problem inconvenience or misunderstanding arise there must be an easy quick way to solve it For this reason also provide fast contact with our customer service staff through direct chat on our website our email address for all kinds inquiries [email protected] or direct messages from our social networks

What users say about us

"It's trustworthy I've been with them for months now I'm delighted especially with their customer service They have chat on their page respond in less than 2 minutes solve any problems doubts much less time It's great very very happy."

"I have two subscriptions through them so far my satisfaction with Sharingful company is 100%. The service works wonderfully people behind are very kind effective! Definitely recommendable without doubt!!!!"

"Everything went well quite fast There was some confusion at beginning because I had never used before but technical support solved quickly I'd highlight latter point which very important these types platforms."

These are some opinions from our most satisfied users truth majority ratings give us excellent whenever someone has bad experience always do whatever possible change fix any problems arise

We're always grateful hear your opinions suggestions keep making our service best encourage leave your experience

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