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5 tricks or lifehacks to make the most of your HBO Max subscription

Make the most of your HBO Max subscription with some tricks you didn't know.

5 tricks or lifehacks to make the most of your HBO Max subscription
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

HBO Max Spain

Last fall, a streaming platform arrived in Spain that has brought great premieres and many titles that we love and that perhaps, we could not see before. We are referring to HBO Max, which brings great possibilities to our screens, such as compatibility with 4K and Dolby Atmos, in addition to the wide billboard it has available.

In this new post, we want to share with you different tricks or life hacks that we have found very useful so that you get the most out of your subscription on HBO Max.

Tips for the most current streaming platform: HBO Max

1. Creation of profiles. From this platform you have the option to have between three and five profiles at most, depending on the plan you have contracted. Within these, as we know from other platforms, each one can have its name and an avatar, something new from HBO Max, is that said avatar can be our own photograph, since we can upload one from our phone. Another available option is the creation of children's profiles, in which you can incorporate a security PIN. You can edit all of this from the Manage Profiles option. available.

2. Control of connected devices. Given that HBO Max allows you to share your account with other users, through the creation of profiles that we discussed in the previous point. The application allows you to keep track of those devices on which you have an open session, being able to edit these under your preferences.

For this, you must follow the following steps: From a mobile phone, access the settings option from the gear icon, click on Manage devices, once inside you will be able to see when the accounts have been used on each device and you will have the option to remove any of these or all at the same time.

3. Play content in 4K. Having this incredible option that the platform offers us, it is interesting to know how it works. The first step is to have a compatible device such as; Apple TV 4K, Android TV 4K, Google Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast with Google TV, 4K LG Smart TVs, among others. Next, you just have to search for a title on the platform that has this feature available and play it on your device.

4. Get to know the content deals. HBO Max allows you to stay up-to-date on all the content that appears on the platform, for this you have several categories, among these; Newly Added, Last Days, Coming Soon and Trending. In these options, you will get to know the newcomers, the disappearing content, upcoming releases, and the platform's recommendations, respectively.

Everything is designed so that you don't miss anything!

5. Save your favorites. The My List feature allows you to add titles to a sort of folder created and managed by you that you can access at any time to play the movies or series you have saved for later. To add content to this list, you should go into the content you want to save, without playing it, and press the (+) button that you will find on the right side.

To find the content you have saved, all you have to do is log into your profile, and you will be able to see it automatically. From here, you can edit the list.

Cheaper HBO Max price with Sharingful

These are the tricks we wanted to share with you. If you are not yet subscribed to this platform, **at Sharingful we offer some… Incredible prices so you can start enjoying all the content you love and put into practice all the tricks we've talked about today.

Subscribing from HBO Max will cost you 8.99 € per month, whereas from Sharingful, the monthly fee is 3.87 € if you join a family. On the other hand, if you form a family, you'll pay your part and receive 3 € from each member, so you'll make money!

This is designed so that platform users don't have to pay more than necessary if they want to use their account individually, which is why our rates are thanks to subscribers being able to share their accounts with other people but with the added security that we can provide from our platform.

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