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13 may

Apple TV Plus: what it is and how to get it cheaper

For lovers of the bitten apple, you have the perfect platform to enjoy content of all kinds. We tell you how to get your subscription with great savings by sharing on Sharingful.

Apple TV Plus: what it is and how to get it cheaper
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

What is Apple TV and how it works

Apple TV + is considered today one of the best streaming services out there, as it competes with big companies like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. As always, we can find all kinds of series, documentaries, comedies, and movies, as well as original content thanks to Apple Originals and for the youngest members of the household. Apple TV + offers you the exclusivity of a unique catalog for users of this brand of devices.

Here is a list of some of the essential titles available on the platform:

  • Separation
  • Ted Lasso
  • Servant
  • The Morning Show
  • Dickinson
  • Palmer
  • On The Rocks
  • Servant


Just like other types prices for the Apple TV platform are published with new content every month and you can access it from the Apple TV app on any Apple device, smart TVs, and even consoles and streaming players. Completely ad-free, this platform allows offline playback, title downloads, and always with unbeatable quality, as the platform allows you to play content in HD 1080 and Ultra HD (4K).


Among all these advantages, we can also find the possibility of sharing your subscription with up to 5 other people, which allows access to savings by being able to share your account and split the payment among different users.

How much does Apple TV+ cost? How to get it cheaper?

The The different plans of this streaming service do not vary in terms and conditions or features, but they group other types of advantages according to the price you pay. In this case, the first option is to pay a monthly fee of €6.99 per month with the option to access a free three-month trial if you have recently purchased an Apple device. Lastly, you have available the subscription to Apple One, which includes other applications like Apple Music, Apple Arcade or iCloud, among others, starting from a monthly price from €16.95 that can go up to €31.95 in its Premium version.

To be able to lower these rates, Sharingful offers you the possibility of having all the services of Apple One through a shared account, with which you can save more than half of the original prices, without tricks or traps, you simply have to subscribe to our web platform and we will help you connect with other people. who are looking for the same thing as you, to pay less and have more. For this, you can resort to two options:

  • Form a family: if you already have an account on Apple One Premium or want to create one, all you have to do is create a group through our web service so that other people can join your subscription, you will share your credentials securely, as we always maintain the privacy of your data. Thanks to this, all the members who join your group or family will pay you €5.33 which will automatically reach you, without having to worry about non-payments and problems.

  • Join a family: in this case, you will be the person who joins another group or family, therefore, you can access, as in the previous case, all the advantages of Apple One premium without paying too much for it, since your monthly payment in this case will be only €7.19 compared to those more than €30 that Apple indicates as the original price.

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