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13 may

Save 12€ per month by sharing your Netflix subscription

Tired of not having your favorite series up to date? Don't hesitate any longer and get up to date with Netflix for €5.4.

Save 12€ per month by sharing your Netflix subscription
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

Netflix is the premier platform that allows us to watch series and movies in streaming from practically any device. In the previous post, we mentioned the rise of digital subscriptions, so it's no surprise that there are already more than 14 million people in Spain who enjoy all of its content.

Like Spotify, it has a subscription cost that can reach up to 16 € per month, although there is the possibility of sharing it through Sharingful and saving up to 75% on your final bill. Want to know how?

Netflix Plans and Prices in Spain

There are three plans depending on one's needs, these are determined by the number of devices that can simultaneously access a single account to view certain content. Perhaps you are sharing a flat with other friends or university classmates and want to split the cost. Or you live with your family and there are four of you, which means each one has their own film tastes. The good thing is life easier by allowing you to share the cost of subscriptions.

  • The Basic Plan is priced at €7.99 per month and is for individual use. With this option, the viewing of content is limited to only one screen, as well as only one phone that you can use to download your favorite episodes offline.
  • The Standard HD Plan is priced at € make life a little easier with the Premium Plan and give you the opportunity to save month by month.


Sharingful, a platform to share your digital subscriptions like Netflix

With the lack of physical leisure activities, 2020 has undoubtedly been the king of digital leisure and subscriptions. The offer of series, movies, documentaries, interviews, and reports has multiplied exponentially, and with it, our wallets also suffer. What is clear is that they have come to stay as part of our daily lives, so sharing the cost of these becomes very necessary. Knowing that this possibility exists with Sharingful, entertainment is guaranteed and savings too!

How to start sharing your Netflix Premium subscription with other users

Starting from the fact that we are already a large family with thousands of currently registered users, the truth is that For us, privacy is an essential element inherent to everything and everyone. Just as trust is, which is demonstrated to us every day by the people who are already enjoying our Community. If you are here reading us, it's clear that your goal is to save money, let us tell you how you can achieve it:

  • You can share your Premium Plan with 3 other people (form a family) and save money, in return you receive 4 € for each member who joins it.
  • Or you can join an existing family and pay 5.4 €. What does this monthly fee include? The 4 € resulting from dividing the Premium Plan among four, plus a commission for enjoying the services that Sharingful offers you of 1.4 €.

If you want, you can take a look at our previous post about Spotify, in it you will also find a couple of explanatory videos about its operation and the advantages of each modality. Don't hesitate, register and start enjoying all the benefits to the fullest.

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