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13 may

The new releases of Disney+ Day

Disney+ Day is an event to thank its subscribers for signing up for the company's streaming service. In this third event, Disney+ will offer new content.

The new releases of Disney+ Day
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Guillem Vestit

On September 8, we are expecting an event marked by new programs, movies, and specials, in addition to previews of new series and movies that will premiere next year. On their social networks, you can already find a preview of this day from a few days ago.

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If you don't have your subscription yet, now is the time, tomorrow is the big day: What stands out in this edition are some premieres such as the short film The Simpsons: Welcome to the Club, where we will see that Lisa intends to be a princess, but realizes that being a villain can be much more fun. The documentary Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Return of a Jedi, with unseen footage, is also added. and showing all the magic that lies behind the scenes, a clear call to Star Wars fans.


Among the various series premieres, Cars on the road stands out. The story begins when Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater embark on a road trip across the country, during which Mater mentions that his sister is getting married. This series will not lack new characters and reunions among old friends in highly dynamic settings, which will make both the little ones and not so little ones enjoy the excitement that Disney always brings. Unknown Land, an original series produced in Latin America, a teenager who discovers a creepy world while searching for the truth hidden behind the mysterious disappearance of his parents eight years ago, in development, he must overcome his fears to find answers and solve the mystery. In a dark and unexplored world. Mike is a series that shows how it looks from the eyes of Mike Tyson, a narrative of his life, marked by an analysis of discrimination in the United States, among other issues. Also, a new episode will be released for the current Disney Plus series, She-Hulk, in which we don't know all the surprises, but it certainly points to Jennifer Walters being more comfortable as She-Hulk than her cousin Bruce Banner as Hulk.


We have the anticipated premiere of Pinocchio, this time a version with real characters, featuring Tom Hanks as Geppetto or Luke Evans as the Coachman. This "remake" will help us to remember the past and allow younger audiences to discover a classic, adapted to the present.

For Marvel fans, we have to mention that we are looking forward to the new premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder. For this special day, Thor will go in search of his inner peace, but the god killer will endanger Asgard and the entire universe. The adventures of the god of thunder continue, this time adding Jane Foster as a new superheroine, with the main objective of showing the power of love.

There's more to come, as new dates for upcoming Disney+ premieres will be announced. Among them, a new confirmed date that will not leave Giselle's followers indifferent, as Enchanted 2 will premiere on November 24th. This movie is the sequel to Enchanted, with its main actress Amy Adams. After the success of its first version, we are sure it will not disappoint as a romantic comedy.

All this and much more, we await on September 8th on Disney+! If you don't have a subscription yet, join a family for less than 3€, so you don't miss anything.

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