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13 may

The new season of Temptation Island premieres on Mitele Plus.

The first episode of this reality show premieres exclusively on Mitele Plus, don't miss any details because you're not subscribed.

The new season of Temptation Island premieres on Mitele Plus.
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

"The Island of Temptations" is a show hosted by Sandra Barneda where 5 couples go to the Dominican Republic to test their loyalty along with a group of singles looking for love. All the committed individuals will have to live with the singles, who, being the temptation, will have to try to seduce them.

Watch The Island of Temptations on Mitele Plus

The fifth installment of this couples' show arrives with two unreleased episodes on Mitele Plus before being able to watch the premiere on television. What can be seen in this preview is the entire final casting of the chosen couples entering the island, we will be able to know their family environments and see the farewells before leaving. All this is content that those who cannot access it who do not have a payment account on Mitele Plus.

The first installment of these two exclusive chapters consists of the development of the casting and the selection process of the protagonist couples who will go to the Dominican Republic, in addition, photographs of the couples who decided to present themselves at the time will be shown, along with the making off of different never-before-seen images from this entire process and this production phase, so that the viewer can better understand everything that involves carrying out a program like this and learn some secrets. Today, Friday, September 16, this first chapter is released.

To continue with the unseen content, next Monday, September 19, the final and definitive casting will be displayed. as well as allowing us to get to know the selected pairs a bit more deeply, both individually and their relationships, we will know what expectations they have of the program, what objectives they pursue, they will help us to familiarize ourselves with the protagonists. Finally, a preview of the fifth season of this program can be seen before the actual premiere on television.

Pay less for the subscription on Mitele Plus

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Take advantage of this opportunity now and enjoy the start of La Isla de las Tentaciones much earlier than your friends. We're waiting for you!

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