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13 may

Nextory, the platform for reading on screen at a lower price

If reading is one of your passions, we have the best platform for you to have all the books you want at your fingertips on Nextory, getting a much better price on Sharingful.

Nextory, the platform for reading on screen at a lower price
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

At Sharingful, we also love reading. Not only can you transport yourself to different worlds through a movie or series, but a good book lets you live a thousand different lives. We want you to also enjoy this feeling without spending a lot of money, so for that, we present to you Nextory, the reading platform that we can offer you cheaper. Keep reading to discover more.

Do you know Nextory?

Nextory is a platform designed so that readers can have hundreds of thousands of books on their devices, as well as audiobooks or magazines, all stored in an easily accessible application so they can have all these titles at hand at any time.

If you're reading this, it's because you're probably a reader and you're interested in always having a good book near you. For this very reason, this platform is the best option as it is one of the most used and provides many benefits to paying subscribers. Easy access from the web or from the app itself allows there to always be something to read or listen to within easy reach.

On this great content platform, you can access all kinds of literary genres, even stories and readings for the little ones. Reaching all audiences, Nextory helps you with recommendations based on your tastes and readings from the app so that you don't miss any news. One of the resources you can access are popular reading lists which are updated every week or those that present the most popular books. read in the story where there are reader comments and the ratings that the author has received for their work from these same people.

read on Nextory cheaper

Once you've chosen the book you want to read and downloaded it to your device, you can adjust the settings for a more comfortable reading experience. You have many options to accommodate the screen according to your preferences, that is, you can adapt the background color to your liking, as well as the type and size of the font to the conditions that are best for you. You can read and listen without needing an internet connection, and you can create a reading diary where you will have all your books, as well as create some goals or statistics according to the daily reading challenge you have set in the application. This will serve to know if you have met those goals that you have set for yourself.

The platform prides itself on good customer service and good communication with users, in this case readers, since for example they have a kind of suggestion box where you can leave titles that you are interested in having available and they can know about it in order to consider them and possibly add them to their catalog.

If at this point you are interested in having a subscription, let us tell you that the rate for becoming a member on Nextory

The lowest price of Nextory Thanks to Sharingful

Being subscribed to Nextory Family means being able to access content in an unlimited way as we have mentioned before, but also up to 4 profiles can use it on any device even simultaneously. The cost of this is €18.99.

At Sharingful we also love reading and we have included this platform so you can pay less for it while getting the same service. You can do this from two options, both involve sharing this subscription and, of course, paying less thanks to that.

  • The first option is to join a family, which means joining a subscription, this lowers the price mentioned before to only €4.90, much less than half the price. In this case you only have to worry about sending one or several requests to the different existing families or groups, indicate the payment term you want to make according to what suits you best and wait for this request to be accepted. Don't worry about trying in different families, as soon as you enter one all the others will be cancelled.

  • As a second alternative you can be the one who shares your subscription with other users and therefore you will be doing what we call creating a family, here the difference will be that you will receive money from the members who join you, an amount of €3.80 from each one. In this case you have control of the group you have created, you will be the one who accepts other members and you can choose how many of them you want and to whom specifically from all the requests you may receive. Once this is closed, all you have to do is wait for your payments to arrive, all managed by Sharingful and above all, enjoy your subscription on the platform you have chosen, Nextory in this case.

If you want to create an account and form a family, we recommend that you enter this link and register directly from the platform to start using our service. All you have to do is choose the family plan, then indicate the number of profiles you are interested in having and create your account. From this point on, the steps are routine: Indicate the email address, create a password and confirm the data.

You will automatically have a free 30-day trial and you can start using your new account!

Are you interested in Sharingful?

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