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Connect your Disney Plus account to Smart TV with Disney Plus Begin

Sharingful wants to share with you the way to watch the trendy series and movies on the platform by connecting your Smart TV with Disney Plus Begin.

Connect your Disney Plus account to Smart TV with Disney Plus Begin
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Guillem Vestit

Before telling you how to watch Disney Plus on your TV, let's catch up a bit with the content so you can plan what you're going to play first on your TV.

The most popular now on Disney Plus. Learn how to connect your account with Disney Plus Begin

This streaming platform with endless content keeps giving us new titles day after day, each one better than the last, and we want you to be aware of everything. So, let's do a little summary of the most famous titles these days as we enter the new academic year and return to work.

Many series and films that everyone is eager to see are entering the platform, some of the most anticipated premieres are, for example, those that come directly from the cinema screen to our home TV. In this case, the new movie of the avenger played by Chris Hemsworth, we are talking about Thor: Love and Thunder who will have to fight alongside people from his past and colleagues from his present against a new villain. The Live Action of Pinocchio will also be available, which means we can watch the little wooden boy become a real one next to his father and creator, carpenter Geppetto. Some Disney Plus originals will also premiere, many classics, and other movies like: The Return of the Witches 2 or Lightyear which is becoming a trend.

Disney also brings us new series that we can't wait to see, some of these are part of the Star Wars universe, such as: Andor or The Bad Batch. Discover titles like Mike, Willow or She Hulk among many others, you can see the complete list on the same platform.

Knowing that Disney gives us all this content, we love being able to watch it from the biggest screen possible, the best option for that from home is to be able to to play it on TV, a Smart TV (also valid for Apple TV) or have resources like Chromecast.

How to watch Disney Plus on your Smart TV?

After having named some of the titles currently available on the platform, we hope you have reserved some to watch them on a big screen. For that, we won't make you wait any longer, we are going to give you the steps so that you can enjoy all the content of Disney Plus on a larger screen than your phone or laptop. Follow these steps and you'll have it ready in 5 minutes!

To start watching Disney Plus on your smart TV, you will need to download the Disney Plus app on the TV by clicking on the Play Store icon. Once installed, it should appear on the main screen as if it were an app, just like if you did it on a mobile device. To speed up the process, we recommend that if you don't have it in the foreground, set it up this way to always have quick access to the platform.

Once this is done, to link it you will have to do it through Begin Disney Plus via this link that we provide: Disney+ Begin, open it from your phone or a computer where some numbers will appear and you will have to enter the activation code that appears on the TV screen. This simple step will connect your account on the platform to your TV. What's left then is to log in to complete the process and start playing.

In case you still have any doubts about how to connect your disneyplus.com/begin tv account, here is a video on how to do it so that you don't miss any step:

<iframe width="100%" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Sg3qxTE_TqI" title="HOW TO ENTER DISNEY PLUS ON MY SMART TV" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; As you may have seen in the previous video, linking your Disney Plus account to your Smart TV is very easy, however, if you encounter any problems you can contact us through the chat and we will try to help you. Sometimes you have to use a computer and in incognito mode to be able to link the TV since on your mobile the session may be started with a different account or the application may not work properly. Therefore, our recommendation is that if you could not do it on the first try, let us know or try again from the computer.

Remember that you must log in with the Disney+ account that has an active subscription through disneyplus.com/es-es/begin/

By visiting disneyplus.com/begin, you can sign up for a free trial, subscribe or log in on your TV if you are already a member.

Shared Disney Plus account with Sharingful

As you well know, Sharingful gives you the option to share your monthly subscription with others and thus save money. With our service, you will pay the proportional part of what it means to use a profile or account if you want to join one of our families, you also have the option of receiving a payment from the rest of users in case you are the one who shares the subscription. In the case of Disney Plus you can save more than half of the original price, with different options in terms of payment terms, you can choose the one that best suits you; monthly, quarterly or annually.

Creating an account on Sharingful

The first step to share your Disney Plus account with Sharingful is to create an account on the platform. You just need to follow the instructions to register. Complete the required details and Create a secure password to protect your account.

Once you have created your account on Sharingful, you will have access to share your Disney Plus account or join someone else's subscription.

At Sharingful, you can share your Disney Plus account without having to worry about all the management that it may entail, because yes, it is possible to share your Disney Plus account.

Linking your Disney Plus account with Sharingful

Once you have created your account on Sharingful, you can link your Disney Plus account to the platform. Go to the "Form family" section of Sharingful and look for the option to create a new Disney Plus family. Follow the instructions to enter your subscription credentials in the wallet. Remember that to link it you will have to do it through Begin Disney Plus through this link we provide: Disney+ Begin.

Once you have linked your Disney Plus account with the family, the rest of the members of your family will be able to access the credentials and in case of any change of credentials, they will be notified so that they can re-enter the new wallet credentials, everything will be ready to share Disney Plus Spain account.

Don't wait any longer to share your Disney Plus account and contact us if you have any questions. Visit our website where you will find all the options to share subscriptions, so you can enjoy the platforms you love!.

We hope this information has helped you connect your account and now you just have to click on the dineyplus.com begin button to connect your smart TV.

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