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Best Netflix series in October 2021

The month of October comes loaded with many novelties, since Netflix has let us know what its upcoming releases are in terms of series.

Best Netflix series in October 2021
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

The month of October comes loaded with many new features, as Netflix has let us know what its upcoming releases are in terms of series.

It's no secret that the platform is known for offering series that become global trends, such as the Korean series "Squid Game" released on September 17th, which has gained great popularity on the streaming platform.

It's important to mention that not all upcoming series are new, some are continuations of stories that have captivated users, leaving intrigue in past seasons, as is the case with "Luis Miguel".

Catalog of the best series on Netflix for October 2021

  • Locke & Key (Season 2): The first season of this series may have gone unnoticed, but the truth is that it was renewed for 2 seasons last year. It's about the Locke siblings and their mother, who move into a house full of magical keys that can put them in contact with their deceased father. This new season is based on continuing to discover various family secrets; being a free adaptation of the comic by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez. Its premiere will be on October 22nd.

  • Mr. Robot: This series is not at all new, but it is a premiere within the Netflix platform. A technothriller classified as a modern classic consisting of 4 seasons. Mr. Robot is about Elliot, a gifted hacker who suffers from social anxiety disorder and makes a deal with fsociety, a network of hackers looking to destabilize the status quo. Without without a doubt, a series that everyone should watch and that is very entertaining.

  • Oats Studios (Season 1): We can classify this premiere as Love, Death and Robots type, which is composed of science fiction and horror short films at the same time. Viewing various post-apocalyptic and nightmare scenarios for anyone. Its premiere will be on October 1.

  • The Maid: It is inspired by the New York Times bestselling autobiography named "Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and Mother's Will to Survive" narrating the story of a woman, a single mother who has to work cleaning houses to cover her monthly expenses while fleeing from an abusive relationship. Its premiere will be on October 1.

  • Sexy Beast (Season 2): The season of the dating contest that eliminates the physical factor through prosthetics and masks to modify the physical appearance of each of the participants is renewed, so that they fall in love only with the personality, leaving aside society's stereotypes. A series that has undoubtedly caused a stir among users, as it provides a different format. Its premiere will be on October 7.

  • The Code Worth Millions: This is a German series in which an artist and a hacker from Berlin invent a new way of seeing the world in the 1990s. And later they realize that Google has plagiarized them and therefore decide to reunite again to sue the search company. A series that shows how complicated it is to fight against companies. with great power and the disadvantages that exist in these types of situations. Its premiere will be on October 7th.

  • You (Season 3): What began in season 1 as an overly toxic relationship and sick possessive attitude toward the partner now continues with the couple already married and with a baby. Here both try to lead a normal life and marriage in the suburb of Madre Linda, but the plot will gradually show the disturbances of forgetting bad habits from the beginning. Its premiere will be on October 15th.

  • Luis Miguel- The series (Season 3): Without a doubt, the first season of this series was a complete success on Netflix, just as it happened with soap operas on television. The end of each episode intrigued and left viewers in suspense wanting to discover what was about to happen. For the second season, the protagonist's relationship with his daughter was revealed, and for this third installment, which is said to be the last, we will see singer Luis Miguel on two timelines, one will be seeking to boost his career and the other facing challenges and threats from everything he has already built. The most anticipated part of this season is that it will cover moments of his relationship with Mariah Carey and Aracely Arámbula, as well as the million-dollar lawsuit he had to face. Its premiere will be on October 28th.

  • The Time I Give You: A simple series based on everyday life, in which a young woman named Lina moves from her home in search of new horizons to start from scratch, whether it is getting a new job and trying new experiences that help her overcome and forget her first love. Its premiere will be on October 29th.

  • Seinfeld: It's a comedy released in the late 80s that broke audience records on NBC. Apparently, this series never goes out of style and continues to captivate users, which is why they have decided to rebroadcast it on the Netflix platform so that new generations can get to know and enjoy it, and why not? Adults who wish too. Based on everyday life with a touch of humor to daily life situations. Its premiere will be on October 10th.

In addition to the series already mentioned, we will also find the following premieres on Netflix:

  • “One Step Ahead” – October 1
  • “Scissor Seven” S3 – October 3
  • “I Remember You” – October 5
  • “The Revenge of the Juanas” – October 6
  • “From Yakuza to Househusband” – October 7
  • “The Ingenuity of the Househusband” – October 7
  • “A Red Smile Like Blood: Grimm Brothers' Tales” – October 8
  • “Family Business: S3” – October 8
  • “The Babysitters Club” S2 – October 11
  • “Mighty Express” S5 – October 12
  • “CoComelon” S4 – October 14
  • “Another Life” – October 14
  • “One Night in Paris” – October 14
  • “My Name” – October 15
  • “Little Things” S4 – October 15
  • “The Journey” – October 15
  • “Karma's World” – October 15
  • “Misfit: The Series” – October 16
  • “Gabby's Dollhouse” – October 19
  • “Dynasty” S4 – October 22
  • “The Office” complete series – October 23
  • “Tune” – October 27
  • “Mytho” - October 29.

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