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How to get Disney Plus for free

Discover how to pay much less than half without changing the subscription conditions on one of the most successful platforms, and we'll tell you how to get it almost for free.

How to get Disney Plus for free
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

What is Disney? How to get Disney Plus almost for free and what is included in its price

Disney is one of the platforms with the most varied content in the entire market as it is a powerful producer and owns the rights to many brands such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars or National Geographic therefore this is the most complete streaming service in terms of tastes and genres of series or movies. This implies that the user has many possibilities to find titles that suit their tastes and preferences even above other platforms, as it also includes a large number of classics that we all love to enjoy over and over again.

Disney Plus has been in Spain for no more than two years but that has not prevented it from being one of the most demanded platforms at the moment thanks to its wonderful content, all the amount of movies, series, programs, documentaries, among others, that can be enjoyed with the subscription. In addition to its price and the continuous new releases that come out every month, it never ceases to amaze.


Unlike other platforms like Netflix, Disney has two unique rates that include the same benefits and advantages both one and the other. The difference that cheaper.

The difference between these two is the type of payment that is made, as the monthly fee is €8.99, but the annual one, for 12 months, is €89.99. The features of these two prices do not change at any time and the benefits are as follows:

The subscription allows the best quality including many titles available in 4K HDR. You can download all series, movies, etc., to be able to watch them without an Internet connection. They allow you to create up to seven different profiles and have playback on up to four screens simultaneously, which means you can share this subscription. You can restrict one of these channels and classify it as child-friendly to prevent young children from accessing content that is not suitable for their age group.

Share account to make it cheaper

Since there is the possibility of having up to four devices playing at the same time under one subscription, as we have previously mentioned, Sharingful takes responsibility for letting you know that through our platform you can pay much less by using this strategy. Getting Disney Plus for free may be very difficult, but getting close to this possibility for us is very easy.

If you already have a subscription and want to share it with other users in order to have control and be the administrator, you can do so through us and it will even be cheaper for you. cheaper, You have the possibility to create a family so that other members can join and pay you a total of 2.25€ on a regular and monthly basis to join you. If you don't have a subscription yet, but you liked this option, you can create your account from Disney Plus. You just have to indicate your email, create a password and complete the subscription indicating the payment method. It's that easy! this is the screen that will appear to you:


On the other hand, maybe you prefer to be the one who joins one of these families, that means that you will not receive any payment but there will be a significant price drop. In this case, you will only pay 2.90 € for using an account or profile on this platform under someone else's subscription who has decided to share it.


If the last option is more to your liking in order to create a family, you just need to register on Sharingful or log in and on the homepage Click on "Choose Family". Once inside, you can go to the "cinema" section where you will find the platform you are looking for along with others, in this case Disney +, you can also directly enter this link. The last steps will be to choose one of all the available groups, indicate the payment term you want to make and confirm your request. All that remains is to wait for you to be accepted into that family to start enjoying all the content of Disney Plus at an incredible price.

Want to stay up-to-date with the platform?

You can stay informed about all kinds of news on Disney Plus, whether it's content or other types of information, through our blog, where we are adding articles that may be of interest to you, some like Connect your Disney Plus account to Smart TV with Disney Plus Begin or others like Disney Plus premieres in November 2022

In addition to the possibility of finding out about all the news on the different streaming platforms that we have available at Sharingful, such as Spotify or HBO Max, among many others, and even the most current news that may interest you.

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