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Save on digital subscriptions

The digital world has become an integral part of our lives, as a result, digital subscriptions are increasingly common.

Save on digital subscriptions
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We currently have a large number of digital subscriptions, from streaming platforms to cloud storage services, these subscriptions can offer many advantages. However, the costs can quickly add up as most subscriptions are a must-have. Below, we explore some ways to save on digital subscriptions without sacrificing quality and convenience.

Streaming Subscriptions

Subscriptions to streaming platforms, such as Netflix, HBO Max, SkyShowtime, Disney Plus or Crunchyroll have become extremely popular. With the rise of online entertainment, the demand for digital content has skyrocketed. However, what happens if there are multiple platforms offering content you want to watch?

A popular option is to subscribe to a service that combines several streaming platforms into one, this can be much cheaper than paying for individual subscriptions. Some options include Apple One, YouTube Premium and Microsoft 365, which offer affordable plans with multiple options to satisfy different tastes and needs. By avoiding paying for multiple subscriptions, you can save significantly on the monthly cost that could mean having each of these individually.

List of available subscription platforms

In addition, these streaming platforms offer a wide variety of content in Spanish, from movies and series to TV shows and documentaries. For example, Netflix has a section dedicated to Spanish content, which includes original series like "La Casa de Papel" and "Narcos", as well as movies and documentaries in Castilian.

In the end, subscriptions to streaming platforms are an excellent way to access a wide variety of digital content. By opting for a service that combines several platforms into one, you can save on monthly costs and have access to an even wider selection of content.

Benefits of Digital Subscriptions

Although there are many free digital subscription options, they often offer a limited service compared to paid options that provide more features and benefits. However, it's important to consider what your needs are and find a subscription that suits them. For example, if you only need limited space to store files and photos, it doesn't make sense to pay for a plan that offers much more space than you need.

In addition, some subscriptions offer discounts or additional benefits when you subscribe for a longer period. If you know you need to use the service for a year or more, it's worth researching to see if there are any special deals available for long-term subscriptions.

As for digital subscriptions to magazines and newspapers, there are many additional benefits that can make the cost worthwhile. For example, some publications offer exclusive content for subscribers, such as articles or sections that are not available in the printed version or free online version. In addition, many digital publications offer access to archives and past editions, which can be useful for researchers or for those who simply enjoy reading historical content.

Another benefit of digital subscriptions for magazines and newspapers is the convenience they offer. Instead of having to go to a store or wait for the mail to get your copy, you can access the content online at any time and from anywhere. This is especially useful for those who travel frequently or for those who have busy schedules and don't have time to go to the store or wait for delivery.

Moreover, some digital subscriptions offer the possibility of customizing your reading experience. For example, you can choose to receive notifications when a new article is published in a section that interests you, or you can save articles to read later. You can also adjust the text size and screen brightness. is a digital book subscription service that allows you to read or listen to an unlimited number of books each month. Amazon Kindle Unlimited is another option that offers a vast library of books for a monthly fee.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to subscribing to digital services, whether for file storage or for magazines and newspapers. By choosing the right subscription for your needs, you can get the most value for your money and enjoy a more comfortable and personalized reading experience.

How to save with digital subscriptions

A simple way to save on digital subscriptions is to take advantage of free trial periods or offers. Many platforms offer a free trial period so that users can try the service before committing to a paid subscription. By taking advantage of several trial periods, you can have access to several services without having to pay a fee upfront.

Another option, and the one we recommend, is to share subscriptions with other people. If a subscription allows the creation of multiple user profiles, like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, among others, you might consider sharing the subscription as by splitting the costs, you can save considerably each month.

So saving on digital subscriptions is possible if you take advantage of free trial periods or share subscriptions.

Exploring digital subscription options

It's important not to limit yourself to the most popular subscription options. You may be surprised to find more affordable and suitable options for your needs. For example, there are many mobile apps and services that are not only free but also provide similar functions to paid subscriptions, like Google Photos.

Also, if you're a music lover, there are many digital subscription options that allow you to access a wide variety of songs and artists. Spotify, for example, is an online music platform that offers a wide selection of music from different genres and eras. There are also other options like Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Music, each with its own unique features.

If you're an avid reader, there are many digital subscription options for you too. Nextory, for example, is a digital book subscription service that allows you to read or listen to an unlimited number of books each month. Amazon Kindle Unlimited is another option that offers a vast library of books for a monthly fee. It allows you to access more than a million e-books and audiobooks.

It's also worth researching the market before deciding on a subscription. With increasing competition, many platforms offer promotions and discounts at different times of the year.

Sharing Digital Subscriptions

An effective way to save on digital subscriptions is to share the subscription with friends and family. Committing to split the costs with other people can help reduce the price of subscriptions by up to 80%. For example, if you have a Spotify subscription, you could consider sharing the family plan with up to 5 more people, so you would only pay 20% of the price.

Moreover, if you are a fan of movies and series, you can share your Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+ subscription with more people. In this way, they can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment content without having to pay for a full subscription.

For example in this article we teach you how to share your Disney Plus account and only have to pay from 2.25€

Taking advantage of this saving strategy, using Sharingful is the best option, as it facilitates sharing digital subscriptions with other people. This platform allows users to securely and equitably split the cost of digital services subscriptions such as Spotify, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and more. With Sharingful, not only can you enjoy your favorite platforms but also do so at a fraction of the subscription price by not having an individual account, thus maximizing your savings.

In addition to the basic functionality of sharing subscriptions, Sharingful adds an extra layer of convenience and security. The platform takes care of all transaction management, ensuring that payments are made automatically. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite streaming services, music apps, and more without worrying about managing payments.

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