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13 may

Save up to 50% on your HBO subscription

Share HBO and split the costs with another person in half and thus save 50% of the price.

Save up to 50% on your HBO subscription
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

What is HBO MAX?

Our beloved and admired digital content platform HBO has come to Sharingful. We welcome with open arms its infinite multimedia catalogue full of movies and series that have given us so much joy and moments throughout all this time.

With such iconic titles as Game of Thrones, a hallmark of the house par excellence and queen by popular vote, which kept us in suspense during each episode until the end, we could not but give it the welcome it deserves.

Series that leave no one indifferent and that seek to stay in our retina and in our memory. This is the case of the brief, intense and epic Chernobyl, the nuclear accident that occurred in 1986 that marked a before and after in the history of humanity. Chilling, exciting, real, raw and truthful that reflects the sequence of an unstoppable (or not) event that led to an unparalleled chain reaction.

We would say that HBO is the perfect digital subscription for movie and series devourers, for those who adore and admire equally the world of cinema, who love to know that we have all kinds of content at our choice and where we can choose from a vast variety of genres.

It's time for you to admit it, if you are as much a cinephile as we are, this digital content platform is perfect for you, but like the price of light at palace cost, it has a related cost which we must pay in order to enjoy them.

Unique price for your digital subscription with HBO Spain

There is only one type of modality within HBO, the monthly one. Therefore, we don't have much more to choose from, right?

This monthly subscription has A final price of €8.99, €107.88 per year. What benefits does this unique type of digital subscription offer us?

  • We can watch all the series and movies we want.
  • We have at our disposal more than 4,000 titles.
  • It offers us the possibility to watch content offline from the mobile app.
  • Up to 2 screens can be connected simultaneously.
  • We can cancel our subscription whenever we want.

Additionally, it offers a 7-day free trial, but in exchange it does not offer promotions, although we can enjoy weekly premieres.

What's important? There is a way to cut your digital cost in half, do you know how? Keep reading and we will tell you.

Share your HBO Spain digital subscription with Sharingful

As we said a few paragraphs above, the HBO Spain digital subscription allows us to enjoy content simultaneously from two different screens. What does this mean? That we can split the costs with another person in half and save 50% annually.

What can you do to start sharing your cinephile HBO subscription with other users? If you've read us and reached this point, it means you're really interested.

  • You can share your basic plan with 1 more person (forming a family) and, in exchange, receive €4.50 per month. Or join another person's plan and pay those €4.50 plus a commission of €1.57 for enjoying the facilities that Sharingful offers you.

You can save up to €53.94 per year by sharing your digital subscriptions and being part of our Sharingful Community.

The 8 best series and movies on HBO Spain selected by Sharingful

Having said the first thing, let's go for the second most important thing and what interests us, what are the best series and movies that deserve a special mention from us?

  1. We will start with the unparalleled Kate Winslet and Mare of Easttown, one of the big winners at the 2021 Emmy Awards. Intriguing, captivating, exciting, it has all the ingredients to make both your time and ours literally fly by.
  2. Rick and Morty, what is it about their crazy adventures that attracts so many viewers every week? Hilarious, addictive, chaotic, it has everything to have a good time.
  3. The Handmaid's Tale, based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. Several years have passed since Bruce Miller decided to create this dystopian, visceral series full of truths in 2017. Elisabeth Moss brings Defred to life, her role in the plot leaves no one indifferent.
  4. The Grand Budapest Hotel, with Wes Anderson as director, tells the thrilling adventures of the legendary concierge of this European hotel. Needless to say, the cast is wonderful with Ralph Fiennes, Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody, Bill Murray and Edward Norton, among others.
  5. Marshland, a masterpiece directed by Alberto Rodríguez. Special mention to the photography and art direction, for which it won no less than 10 Goya Awards. The plot captivates you from the start, recommended to watch at least once in a lifetime.
  6. Friends as an honorary mention. This series has been viewed more than 100 billion times, yes, you read that right, crazy isn't it? The years will pass and we will still love all its characters. and the actors who portray them.
  7. If there's a series that has swept the Emmy Awards, it's Band of Brothers. Created in 2001 by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, it tells the experiences of Easy Company. If you haven't seen it yet, at least add it to your favorites list.
  8. The Wire, we couldn’t love this series more. Realistic, funny, with top-notch actors. Do you know Jimmy McNulty? If you haven't been introduced yet, make a note in your schedule to have a beer with him. However, you either hate him or love him.

It never rains to everyone's taste and surely we have left many other gems along the way, believe us when we tell you that it is very difficult to choose among so much content, iconic movies and epic series. Surely you have your own film selection and it's probably better than ours!

Did you like our post? If you want to know more you can visit the Sharingful blog and find out about the different saving modes we have depending on the digital subscription you choose and the online content platform.

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