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13 may

The new way to share Netflix

Netflix has updated the way to share its subscription in Spain. This update offers new features along with a rate increase.

The new way to share Netflix
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

Netflix has been one of the pioneers in offering digital content, allowing us to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment without leaving home. Currently, it is present in practically all homes and many of us have discovered ingenious tricks to reduce costs by sharing subscriptions with other users.

However, Netflix has implemented some measures that can affect our plans and possibly the prices. But here's the secret: it's still possible to save by sharing Netflix accounts!

At Sharingful, we've found a way to share your account and we want to share with you all the details and benefits of this practice. Whether you're a member or an account administrator, we've got you covered!

However, Netflix has realized that there might be a better way to manage accounts. For this reason, they have informed all their subscribers that they have applied certain measures that can affect your plan and possibly the prices.

Netflix: More than Just a Streaming Service

Netflix has gone from being just a streaming platform to an essential part of our daily life. With its extensive library of movies, series, and original programs, it's the perfect choice for entertainment lovers.

The Era of Account Sharing

One of the biggest benefits of Netflix is the possibility to share an account among several users. For example, you could share Netflix with friends or family members, which significantly reduces your expenses. Additionally, with the latest updates from Netflix, it's even easier to share your subscription. Now you can add up to two additional people to your plan following specific instructions from Netflix.

It is still possible to save by sharing a Netflix account

After all the commotion caused by the update From Netflix, as of today we can confirm that it is still possible to enjoy all the benefits of the platform, we want to reveal the trick to be able to share Netflix. As they have let their subscribers know, they are going to change the methodology for sharing a Netflix account and now it will be allowed to add two people to the subscription, that is up to two extra members, but this time following specific instructions and which will be reflected in the prices, but as we tell you it is still possible to share Netflix.

Sharing your Netflix Premium account while saving remains the best alternative and the best trick to do it is using Sharingful. After Netflix's announcement we have a way for you to share your account and we want to tell you about all the changes you can benefit from, whether you are a member or administrator. Also if you are already part of a family on Netflix, it is most likely that it will not affect you, you should not worry further, you can share your Netflix account. We are going to detail all the conditions, Netflix prices, how to create an account and these benefits we are talking about.

Share your Netflix account as an administrator

As we all know, the possibility of sharing the password with other people for free is no longer an option, however, if you want to maintain a shared account on Netflix premium, you can still do it, as we mentioned in the previous section, there is the option of adding two members to reduce your subscription down to €9.99 per month. This is allowed in this type of plan and can be done through an invitation link or by simply sharing your password as usual, with the difference that now Netflix regulates these 95%; " />

As a reminder to ensure your privacy, you should keep in mind that the password you provide for access to your account can allow members to take actions, so we advise you not to use one of your regular passwords.

The steps to add an extra member are:

  1. Log into a Netflix profile, on your account
  2. Go to the "account" section and scroll until you find a section called "extra members".
  3. In this section, you will have to click on "manage extra members".
  4. Finally, you can add the person you want through their email, however, with a limit of two people.

Netflix extra subscriber shared account information

If you are currently already an administrator of a Netflix family and want to switch to the new modality with your family members let us know through chat or email. Once you notify us we will manage the modality change and answer all the questions you may have about the new modality in shared accounts.

Share Netflix as an extra subscriber

As we said, you will only have to wait for the administrator to provide you with the password, if not, don't worry, you will receive an invitation to their plan via email with the steps that we have listed above. You will be able to get Ultra HD content for €10.99 per month.

Netflix extra subscriber shared account " />

If on the other hand, you are already a member of a family with an old plan and your administrator decides to switch to the new modality, we will contact you and notify you so that you can choose between the option of switching with him to the new plans or maintaining your current plan according to your preference. On the other hand, if you want to have your own sub-account, you can also let us know so that we can manage it.

Even though we know that this new Netflix update has resulted in many cancellations in protest, as of today, at Sharingful we trust in opportunities and that everything has a solution. For this reason, Netflix remains an option for all of us and we are not yet ready to give up all the incredible content it distributes, the great series and movies that are yet to come and all the variety offered by this streaming service. We need to find out which is the best plan that suits each one of us.

Keep Control of your Expenses

Despite Netflix's updates, Sharingful provides you with personalized options to continue sharing Netflix effectively. If you have any concerns about changes in Netflix, our team is ready to assist you through our live chat or email ([email protected]).

Take advantage of Netflix's flexibility and continue enjoying its incredible content at the best price by sharing accounts with Sharingful. Discover how you can save on your subscriptions and keep control of your expenses with us.

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Continue enjoying Netflix at the best price by sharing with Sharingful."

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