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Shared Netflix Accounts

At Sharingful, we guide you step by step to share a Netflix account, helping you effectively save money.

Shared Netflix Accounts
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Guillem Vestit
Modificado el 30 mayo 2024

Netflix, the streaming giant, has revolutionized the way we consume audiovisual content. One of the most attractive features of Netflix is the possibility of sharing an account among several users.

What is a Shared Netflix Account?

A shared Netflix account is a subscription that allows several users to enjoy Netflix content simultaneously, each with their own profile. This option is especially useful for families or groups of friends who wish to share the costs of the subscription.

It's important to note that Netflix allows sharing an account, but with certain restrictions. The number of users who can view content simultaneously depends on the subscription plan you choose. Additionally, Netflix expects that users who share an account live in the same house.

Types of Subscription Plans

Netflix offers three Types of subscription plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each of these plans has different limitations in terms of the number of devices that can stream content simultaneously and the quality of the video.

The Basic plan allows one user to view content at a time, the Standard plan allows two users, and the Premium plan allows four users. Additionally, the video quality varies from SD in the Basic plan to HD in the Standard plan and to Ultra HD in the Premium plan.

How to Share a Netflix Account?

Profile Creation

To share a Netflix account, the first step is to create individual profiles for each user. Each profile has its own watchlist, personalized recommendations, and parental control settings.

To create a profile, simply log into your Netflix account, select "Add Profile" and follow the on-screen instructions. You can create up to five profiles on a single Netflix account.

Sharing the Account

Once you have created the profiles, you can share the account by providing other users with the email and password associated with the Netflix account. However, remember that you must trust these people, as they will have access to your payment information.

Saving by sharing a Netflix account

Furthermore, it's important to remember that Netflix expects users who share an account to live in the same house. Sharing your account with people who live in different locations may result in the suspension of your account.

Extra Subscriber Pass

Recently, Netflix has introduced a new option known as the "Extra Subscriber Pass", which allows users to share their subscription more flexibly and officially with people outside of their home. This initiative arises as a response to the need for a more adapted solution and in line with Netflix's policies for sharing accounts.

What is Netflix's Extra Subscriber Pass?

The Extra Subscriber Pass is a feature that allows Netflix subscribers to add people outside of their home to their account, for an additional cost lower than a full individual subscription. This pass offers an official and authorized way to share your Netflix account with friends or family who do not live with you.

Shared Netflix Accounts on Sharingful

In addition to the Extra Subscriber Pass, another popular and economical option for sharing Netflix is through Sharingful. This platform facilitates the splitting of a Netflix subscription among several users, further reducing individual costs and providing easy management of the shared account. You can also choose whether to share using the extra pass or simply by sharing your Netflix subscription credentials.

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