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13 may

Get Filmin at a lower price by sharing subscription

Filmin, the largest catalog of movies and series, arrives at Sharingful so you can greatly enjoy your favorite films. We help you lower the price by sharing your subscription.

Get Filmin at a lower price by sharing subscription
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

know how to get it cheaper.

Filmin is a platform that provides the largest catalog of movies and series to Sharingful so you can greatly enjoy your favorite movies. This wonderful platform has both emblematic and iconic titles, we are talking about great pieces like Out of Africa, Scarface or How to Steal a Million with the inimitable Audrey Hepburn, a wide variety of series and movies like the ones we could find not many years ago in one of the video clubs where we went to rent all kinds of movies.

We could say that Filmin is the perfect digital subscription for nostalgics, for those of us who love those years of the Golden Age of Hollywood it fits us like a glove, with irreplaceable actors of the caliber of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Liz Taylor, Marlon Brando, Cary Grant, Liz Taylor or Ava Gardner, among many others.

Let's face it, if you are as much of a film buff as we are, this support is perfect for you, but like everything in life, it has an associated cost which we must pay in order to enjoy its extensive catalog and all the content that this platform makes available to us. We will give you all the details so that you can know what this cost will be and what benefits you will be able to enjoy if you accept it.

Filmin Plans and Prices in Spain

There are two types of plans within Filmin, the Basic and the Plus, depending on the type of payment you choose, if you prefer monthly versus annual, the final price varies.

If we decide to choose the basic monthly subscription the cost is around €7.99, if we decide to choose the same option, but annually, it comes out to €84.00. What advantages does this subscription mode offer us?

  • We can watch all the series we want.
  • We have at our disposal more than 10,000 titles.
  • It offers us the possibility to watch content offline from the mobile app.
  • Up to 2 screens can be connected simultaneously.
  • We can cancel our subscription whenever we want.

Its big disadvantage? It does not include tickets, this additional resource allows us to watch those highlighted contents that correspond to the latest releases. The annual payment is estimated at €84, for almost the same price we can enjoy Disney Plus, and from 4 different devices at once.

Share your Filmin digital subscription with Sharingful

As we mentioned earlier, Whether we choose the basic plan or the plus, both allow us to view content simultaneously from two different screens at the same time. What does this mean? That we can share our subscription with another person to save costs, of course this is a decision if we have a preference for the plus annual subscription and what we want is to enjoy absolutely all the services that the platform offers us. You will be able to enjoy all the content at home through a Smart TV or other devices on which you will have this application.

Save on Filmin and get it at the best price with Sharingful

The idea we propose is that you enjoy your subscription to this streaming service without giving up any of the advantages we have mentioned, and without feeling that you are paying money that you could be saving. We propose an easy way to have it all, through a shared account, as well as personal support from our customer service and privacy guarantee. and security that Sharingful offers.

How to start sharing your Filmin movie subscription with other users

Of course, if you've continued reading and have reached this point, it's because you're really interested in knowing how you can save.

You can share your basic plan with 1 more person (forming a family) and, in exchange, receive €4.00 per month. This is done by forming a family on our web platform where we help you connect with other users who have the same goal as you and we manage the whole process so you don't have to worry about anything.

Another option you have on Sharingful is to join someone else's plan and pay those €4.00 plus a commission of €1.40 to enjoy the facilities that Sharingful offers. In either case, it's clear that you'll get all the benefits of subscribing to this streaming platform and with the advantage that the price is much lower. You can enjoy all the content at home through your Apple TV or your Android TV.

Did you find our post interesting? If you want to start saving while enjoying Filmin, you can register and join a family.

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