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13 may

Avatar 2, the most anticipated movie of the decade

After the premiere of Avatar in 2009, all of us fans have been waiting for a new installment and... It's finally here! We tell you everything about the new sequel.

Avatar 2, the most anticipated movie of the decade
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Guillem Vestit

Avatar Returns, a Major Cinema Success

Avatar premiered in December 2009, it was a global success, with a duration of 2 hours and 41 minutes, nobody wanted it to end. This film by James Cameron has been our trusted movie over the past decade, everyone must have seen it at least once, watching Sam Worthington in the role of our Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana as the incredible Neytiri or Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine, among many others.

Where did the last movie leave us?

The plot of Avatar takes place in the future year of 2154 where a former marine is on a different planet to complete a mission. Pandora is full of exotic life forms, it is the place from which a highly demanded mineral on earth is extracted that can help end the energy crisis. As this planet has a very toxic atmosphere harmful to humans, the Avatar program is carried out, this in which humans can pass their consciousness to a biological body inspired by the natives of Pandora. which can survive toxic gas.

Our protagonist infiltrates the Navis (the natives) in order to prevent them from interfering with the extraction of said mineral. The problem is that Jake feels great with his Avatar body, he fits perfectly into the tribe and builds ties with Neytiri, so his objectives are distorted throughout the film thanks to this girl and Jake's acceptance into the native clan. Everything turns into a struggle and as we all know, everyone ends up facing off in a fight in which our protagonist must choose a side.

Avatar 2: synopsis and release date

More than a decade after the first movie, the story of Sully and Neytiri's family is told, they tell how to stay safe from all the dangers that pursue them. They are going to show us what has happened during all this time and how they survive the difficulties they encounter, as they are forced to explore Pandora because they have had to leave their home. Above all, you will be able to see how they live. greater benefit.

Around the water is where they will meet a new clan and perhaps find a new home.

Luckily, we know that the same cast has been maintained as in the previous film so we will be able to see the same actors in their same role, as they did so well in Avatar 1. The title of this movie is Avatar: The Way of Water and we know that it will be released in theaters on December 16 of this year 2022.

What do you say? Excited for the day to come? We are too, we look forward to it with great anticipation.

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